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7 Best Wood Lathe Tool Sharpening System - Unbiased Reviews

wood lathe tool sharpening system

Are you one of those who love working with woodturning tools but hate sharpening them? If you are one of those, you are at the right place because today we have something that will help you sharpen your tools in a very easy way with less time.

It does not matter how good your sharpening tool condition is but if they are not sharp, then they are going to create a lot of problems in your wood lathe work that's why a tools sharpening system is very important if you want to maintain the sharpness of your woodworking and metalworking tools.

So after comparing dozens of products in the market, we have made a list of 7 best wood lathe tool sharpening system with their detailed and unbiased reviews with proper pros and cons that can add great value to your workshop.

You can sharp your tools manually by rubbing the edges of your tools on a rough surface again and again, but this process takes a lot of time and effort and still doesn't gives the good finishing like a power wood lathe tool sharpening system gives and I think you are aware of that, that's why you are here, so without wasting time set dive into it.

1. Pro Grind Sharpening System For Lathe Turning Tools


The first product on our list is the Pro Grind sharpening system, which you can use to sharpen different lathe turning tools like chisels, skews, gouges, bowl gouges, spindle gouges, and much more.

This complete kit of wood lathe tool sharpening system comes with all the angle set up jigs and fixtures you need in a very affordable price segment. It has a sturdy and stable tool rest bar that helps you achieve the precise edges of your tools without removing too much material from them.

It comes with different setup tools to not have to buy any other tool separately like you need to do with most other sharpening systems.

If we talk about its tools it includes, then it has 2 each quick cam locking bases, 1 each 27 inches Multi-Grind Bar with Tool Rest,1 each Multi-Grind Tool Holder, 1 each 3" x 5" Platform with Tool Holder, 2 each Gouge Setup Blocks, 4 each Guide Blocks, 1 each Magnetic Micro Bevel Setup Block and an instructional DVD that will help you in setting up your system.

At last, it is an excellent tool sharpening system with all the necessary items that a system should come with.

Weight - 12.23 pounds
Options of color - Black


  • Magnetic Micro-Bevel Setup Block
  • Comes with 3 primary methods of sharpening
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Comes with all angle set up jigs and fixtures
  • Value for money product


  • Assembling might be tricky for some users

2. PSI Woodworking Lathe Chisel Sharpening System


Another product on our list is the PSI Woodworking Complete 4-Piece Precision Lathe Chisel Sharpening System. This complete system weighs around 11 pounds, which is not that heavy for a sharpening system. This system is very sturdy and seems expensive at first, but it is much cheaper than most other highly rated and costly sharpening systems.

With most other systems, you need to buy some essential tools separately which overall increases the cost of that cheapest bundle, but with this tool doesn't need to pay any extra money to buy tool separately as this system contains almost every single thing you need master the tools sharpening.

It includes an adjustable V pocket jig that helps you set the tool before start grinding to give you a perfect sharpness according to your need for every single tool. If we talk about its length, it is 22 inches long, and its V shape pocket is wide enough so that it can hold any tool easily.

Most cheap systems have a problem that their cam locks are not very stable and keep shaking when you turn on the machine but with its heavy-duty cam lock are not like that and locks securely in place, which is a good thing about this system. This wood lathe tool sharpening system is backed up with 2 years of PSI Woodworking warranty.

Total Weight - 10.88 pounds
Options of color - Black


  • Includes 22 inches long V pocket jig
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Very sturdy & heavy duty system
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality fingernail jig included


  • Average quality grinding platform

3. Work Sharp - WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener


At number 3 we have a product used to sharpen the woodturning tools. If you are looking for a portable and reliable tool, you can use it any time to sharpen tools like chisels, plane irons, spokeshaves, carving tools & lathe tools, this is the product you can go with.

It's an air-cooled dry sharpening system, and basically it uses pressure-sensitive adhesive sandpaper pads, and they fit onto spinning disks. Its heat-sink design keeps your tools away from overheating, which overall increases the tool's life.

Most tool sharpening system requires jigs but for that accurate and safe sharpening experience but with this tool, you don't any jig as its sharpening port has precise and repeatable bevel angle settings of 20, 25, 30 and 35 degrees for chisels and plane irons up to 2 inches wide.

It uses a 1/5 HP powerful motor, which gives you a no-load speed of 580 RPM for fast and smooth grinding. There are two types of wheel they offer in this tool.

There are tempered glass wheels that come with two sides so you can put adhesive on both sides, and there's a slotted see-through wheel they call edge vision wheel, which allows you to sharpen curved carving cut type lathe type tools.

Weight - 16 pounds
Options of color - Black & White combination


  • No requirement of jigs
  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Air-cooled and dry sharpening system
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use


  • Little noisy tool
  • Slightly Expensive

4. Tormek TBT402 T-4 Magnum Woodturners Sharpening System Kit


If you like sharp tools, this Tormek TBT402 T-4 Magnum Woodturners Sharpening System Kit is for you because it's fast, it's easy to use, and the water cooling prevents overheating, and all those innovative jigs are so precise they only have to remove just a bit of steel to refresh an edge.

But tools like Tormek cost money. With this tool, you can easily and quickly sharpen any tool in your home, workshop or backyard shed. If we talk about dimensions, it has 16 inches of height, 16 inches of length, and 16 inches of breadth.

It is a compact tool so that you can carry it with you where you want but after considering its weight which is 29 pounds. The only disadvantage of this kit is its price.

It is much expensive, but with the increased price, Tormek ensures your safety, and there is no hassle of installing other systems that protect and guide you like you need to install with bench grinders for guide and protection purposes.

If you are fed up using your noisy grinder and want to upgrade with something which doesn't require any other sharpening system, then this kit is highly recommended for you.

Total Weight - 29 pounds
Options of color - White & blue combination


  • Very quiet
  • Don't require the hassle of installing the system
  • Very safe and easy to use
  • Includes all tool needed sharpening system
  • Compact size


  • Very expensive
  • Heavy machine

5. PSI Woodworking Chisel Mate Plus Sharpening System


The next wood lathe tool sharpening system in our list comes from PSI Woodworking, LCMPLUS Chisel Mate Plus Sharpening System. If you have a tight budget and don't want to invest in an expensive tool, then this system can help you sharpen your tools.

In this price segment, you cannot expect much from a sharpening system, but still, it comes with the most necessary features that a system should have.

With this system, you are ready to sharp any chisel at any time, and you don't need to make adjustments like you need to do with other systems like wolverine. While using this system, you'll notice good control and visibility over your chisels.

This complete kit includes an 8 inches aluminum backing disc with a 1-inch hole, five 80 grit 8 inches hook and loop sanding discs with a 2 inches hole, 8 inches self-adhesive hook & loop mounting pad, adjustable chisel "v" guide tool rest, and some other necessary tools with proper instruction of installing and using them.

You can also use this tool for many of your general woodturning sanding needs. At last, it comes with the 2 years of warranty so that you don't have to worry if something goes wrong with it while using.

Weight - 2.48 pounds
Options of color - Red


  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Can also be used for general woodturning sanding purposes.
  • Comes in an affordable price range


  • Do not hold very well

6. Wolverine Grinding System with VARI-GRIND jig


At number 6 we have a very famous sharpening or grinding system, and that is the Oneway Wolverine grinding system with the vari-grind jig. The bases are made from high-grade thick-walled aluminum, and the heavy duty jigs are all-steel construction.

Adjustments are easily made via the fast-acting lever-action cam clamps on the two base units that firmly secure the V arm and platform jig bar.

The tilting platform tool rest is generously sized at five inches by three inches and provides ample bearing support for your tools.

The large quick ratchet locking lever lets you easily lock and unlock your angle adjustments. The wolverine jig provides an ultra-fast and consistent grind to the cutting edges of your turning tools like roughing gouges, scrapers, and skewed chisels.

The optional accessory vari-grind jig works in conjunction with the VR for easily making the swept-back fingernail grind used on Bowl gouges.

You must elevate your grinder slightly above the mounting platform or base. Detailed instructions on how to mount the bases below the grinder are included.

Weight - 10.01 pounds
Options of color - Black


  • Includes Vari-grind jig
  • Can be used to sharpen any tool
  • Jig comes with two bases
  • Compatible with both 6 and 8 inches grinders


  • Vari-grind jig is hard to set

7. Woodcut Tools Tru-Grind Turning Tool Premium Sharpener System


Last but not least, we have Woodcut Tools Tru-Grind Turning Tool Premium Sharpener System, which includes a superior, versatile Jig with Two Base Slides for Lathe Woodturning Tools. It comes with two base slides, which you can set under both of your grinding wheels.

With other sharpening systems, you need several jigs and multiple accessories in your workplace, but this system doesn't require anything. It can fit with most 6 and 8 inches bench grinders. If you don't know how to install the sharpening system, then don't worry.

You can easily install it by taking the help of its user guide, which is easy to understand, and video supplies. One of the great things thing about this system is the money-back guarantee.

The company claims that they consistently get feedback from customers who have found the quality and performance of their products have exceeded expectations but, in case you find anything in this system which you don't meet your requirement then you can return this system within 30 days, and the company will not ask any question.

You'll never regret after adding it to your machinery collection.

Weight - 3.14 pounds
Options of color - Red & silver


  • Fits most dry bench grinders
  • Results smooth finish in every project
  • Securely hold mini tool have diameter up to 1-1/2 inches.
  • Can sharpen huge range of tools
  • Comes with 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Doesn't sharpen large roughing gouge well

How To Sharpen Woodturning Tools With Wood Lathe Tool Sharpening System

If you are buying a wood lathe tool sharpening system for the first time, you probably might not know how to use it. And if you'll not use it carefully, that might cause serious injuries and damage your tools. Don't worry, to help you solve this problem, below is a complete guide to sharp your woodturning tools.

Different tools need to be sharpened at different angles, so you must know your tool's angles. For a simple and straightforward explanation, let's take the example of a roughing gouge, and you can use the same process to sharp any tool in your workshop.

A roughing gouge is designed to remove material quickly. The traditional sort of angle that's been sharpened in this tool tends to be around about the 40-degree angle, so anywhere within 5 degrees of that, you'll have a good joint. So it should be square and flat across the top with one single bevel.

Use Marker:

You can use a permanent marker across the length of the bevel, and that's going to help you set up the tool to the right cutting angle. So just take the marker and mark the area you want to sharpen.

Use A Jig:

Now, you can sharp the tool without using a jig, but for that, you'll need sharp very carefully, and it is quite tough to hold the same position with hands of your tool, and it also saves you from the risk of injuries. That's why jig plays an important role in sharpening your tools.

Put The Handle On Jig:

Put the handle end of your tool on the jig and the sharpening tip on the wheel of your wood lathe tool sharpening system.

Set The Jig:

Now, its time to set the jig. Adjust it where you think it should be before lock it into place. When you confirm your bar's position, lock it off by using a spanner or wrench and start your machine.

Start Sharpening Your Tool: 

Now drop the handle down into the middle portion, and rotate it backwards and forwards until you get one continuous bevel around the piece and keep checking it after a while until you get the desired sharpness wanted.

So, after grinding the tool, you get a nice sharp continuous bevel edge, and it should be 90 degrees all the way across there as well.

Tips for using a wood lathe tool sharpening system

  • Before you start sharpening you need to wear the good quality goggles to protect your eyes from the sparks that might rise when you'll be sharpening your tool.
  • How light you need to push? So you need to be pushing in gently not pushing hard into the machine and what that's going to do is it's going to remove a tiny amount of material at one point rather than loads at once, and it's a good thing because the woodturning tools tend to be quite expensive the steel in them.
  • The bevel angle on a scraper should be slightly under a 90-degree angle.
  • To sharpen, place the tool on the platform and tilt the platform slightly downward to set the bevel angle.
  • Carefully shape the tool while trying to avoid bluing the cutting edge in the process.
  • The length of the bevel on a skew chisel should be 1-1.5 times the thickness of the blade.
  • After setting the tool on the wheel, slowly rotate the wheel by hand, inspect the bevel to see if contact is being made across the entire tool bevel.
  • To create a traditional straight edge on a skew chisel, carefully shift the tool side-to-side on the support platform, making sure to maintain the same position throughout the process.

In the End

Before buying any product, keep one thing in mind that no product is perfect and not every product is bad. It is up to you how you use it, and just because of some bad reviews, you can ignore the fact people are still buying it and loving it.

To buy a perfect product that gives you a good value for your hard-earned money, just go through all the features it comes with and see if you need that feature. This will not only save your money but also keep you away from wasting money on a product that you don't need. Now the final call is yours.