Last Modified on Jan 2, 2023

How To Lubricate A Table Saw - Easiest Guide

How To Lubricate A Table Saw

On the internet, you don’t find a complete guide about how to lubricate a table saw. First, let me tell you, a table saw is a woodcutter machine and the most lovable item for workshop workers. It is heavy, valuable, dangerous, and also an expensive item.

So proper maintenance is very much important to keep this woodcutter machine work efficient. For that cleaning, oiling and lubrication are some best processes to follow.

But how should you do this, for that you need the right lubricant, brush, and sandpaper to rub or scrape them to remove dust, stain, rust, and other grimes.

Although, the blade, motor or gear, and saw top are the essential parts which you need to lubricate. So here we discuss all of their lubrication processes on this how-to lubricate a table saw guide. So without wasting your time, let’s get started.

Complete Guide On How To Lubricate A Table Saw

Lubricate Table Saw Top

Continued use of a table saw ends with dust, messy, rust, and spots that could damage your table saw top surface if you don’t clean or lubricate them. So follow the below process to lubricate and maintain both saw top surface and fence.

  • So first, unplug your table saw to avoid any cut of your hand.
  • Now remove your throat surface plate and place it in a safe place and lower the blade to make the lubrication or cleaning process easier for you.
  • Next, time to clean and lubricate, for that use mineral spirit and sandpaper to rub the saw top surface. Wait for a second.
  • Then time for waxing, so use paste wax and rub the surface in circulation motion. Give some time to soap the wax and then simply rub the top with a clean, soft cloth. This waxing is not just to clean or lube the surface. This will also help protect the saw top from rust and strain.

This way, the wood can glide on the table saw surface when you are doing cutting work. If your saw top has little rust, don’t use such aggressive sandpaper or wire brush to clean.
And try to do this lubricate process once in 2-3 months to lubricate the table saw.

Lubricate The Blade

The blade is an important part of your table saw machine for cutting the woods. So you need to clean and lubricate it to keep the workability for a long time. So there are different cleaning and lubrication processes for blades but what we appreciate most is below.

  • First, unplug the table saw and remove the throat and blades.
  • Then check the condition of your blade. If it is rusty and dirty, then simply clean and lube it. But if you notice it sounds annoying when you cut the wood, then the blades may need to sharpen.
  • For cleaning, bring a blade size bucket tray from the hardware store and put the blade on it.
  • Now bring a non-toxic blade cleaner and spray it on both sides of your blade.
  • Then simply rub the blade with a soft stiff nylon brush to lubricate it.

Please don’t use any aggressive stainless steel brush for rubbing; otherwise, your blade teeth would be damaged and loosen its sharpness.
How Many times should you lube the blades? It depends on how much pressure you give to push the woods through the blade.
If after 2-4 time cleaning and lubrication, the blades still sound annoying then it should go for sharpening.
Blades are sharp, so don’t forget to wear gloves or use a tray that has a central whole.

Lubricate Saw Gear

Gear or motor is also an important part of your table saw machine; this part helps the blade rotate smoothly and cut the woods. Not regularly, but within a few months, you need to clean, oiling or lubricate the gears to maintain their workability.

  • First, remove the plug or turn off your table saw.
  • Then clean the wood dust from underneath the machine by using a vacuum or brush.
  • Now check the condition of your gears or motor. If you see black spots everywhere in gear, then it might need oiling.
  • So first, spray the regular gear oil And also scrub the gear with a soft brush at the same time to remove the dark spots.
  • Then vacuum the gear to remove extra oil from it. And now wait for a second.
  • After your gear is clean then simply lubricate it with paste wax by using a toothbrush. It will protect the gear from rust.
  • So first, spray the regular gear oil And also scrub the gear with a soft brush at the same time to remove the dark spots.

Try to lubricate the gear once every two to three months.
For oiling the gear, you can use regular gear oil or heavy gear oil depending on the dark strain.
Before lubrication, try to bring your user manual to understand your machine needs.
Proper oiling and lubrication help reduce sound by more than 50% while cutting the woods in your shop.


What are the best lubricants for woodworking machines?

According to experts, DynaGlide Plus is the best lubricant for woodworking machines, tools, and metal surfaces also. This lubricant contains self-levelling and self-cleaning components to remove rust and also protect the metals from other grimes. And it is a dry lubricant that needs to spray on lightweight items.

What is the best lubricant for wood?

Lubricants come in different types which we discuss below. According to our research, white lithium grease is the best lubricant for wood because this lubricant contains zinc-oxide that helps smooth movement and seizes the surface and protects the components from rust and strain.

Is wd40 the best lubricant?

WD40 refers to water displacing40, which is not truly a lubricant. It is a dry lubricant that helps to reduce rust and other grime from the surface. Lubricants are basically divided into two main categories dry and wet. Dry lubricants help to reduce rust but don't prevent it.

They are also very good to use in dusty environments because they are specially designed to use on lightweight applications. But wet lubricants like paste wax are excellent to remove rust and create a layer to avoid rust. So before buying any lubricants, check these details to understand the real benefits.


So these are some best ways on how to lubricant a table saw. Blades, gear, and top surface are the main three parts of your table saw which you need to clean, oiling, and lubricate to boost your machine's work efficiency. When it comes to lubrication, keep in mind always check the type and main ingredients of it to better the process.

Dry lubricant is best for smoothing the components, and wet lubricants are good to prevent rust. Moreover, it's also a good idea to bring your user manual guide when you lubricate the table saw.

It will help you to understand better, which is suitable for your machine. Last but not least, follow these step by step guides to make your woodcutter machine more efficient and durable.