Last Modified on Jan 3, 2023

How To Fix An Ugly Lawn In 4 Simple Steps

how to fix an ugly lawn

Without maintaining the lawn there grasses go dead, ugly, and look like burning ground. So proper maintenance is very much important to avoid ugly lawns. In this article, we give a step-by-step guide about How to fix an ugly lawn quickly and efficiently.

Renovating a lawn is not very hard if you do the right things at the right time. Although, a lawnmower is an important piece of equipment to customize your lawn grasses easily.

But you need to know the right time to use it.

So if I summarize the process of ugly lawn fixing then it goes like this, first remove weeds from the grass, then put seeds, apply fertilizer, and then run mower on your lawn.

So if you want to know more detail then drop down and check the guide on how to fix an ugly lawn.

How To Fix An Ugly Lawn: Step By Step Guide

Fixing an ugly lawn is not a very difficult job if you know the right process, right equipment, and the right time to start. For several years of not maintaining the lawn causes dead grass, weed disease, and some other kind of problems.

The fall is the best time of year to do a lawn renovation because temperatures are cooler, you won’t need as much water, and it’s just an easier time to do it. You can go for any season but fall is best according to lawn owners.

Step 1: Kill weeds from your lawn:

For weed control, you need to use tenacity which is a weed removing product. This product is a great thing to use for weed killing without damaging the grass.

Step 2: Put the seeds n your lawn:

For most tired worn-out lawns you are gonna want to add some seeds so the first thing you need to do is think about how you’re gonna put the seeds down. Honestly, there are a lot of labor-intensive things and I also tried a lot of them.

So if you wish then you can do things like dethatching, raking but it’s a very hard and less effective job to do. Besides that, You can use a lawnmower to aerate on your lawn.

So that can be accomplished by renting a pretty inexpensive piece of equipment that you can use on your lawn that’s essentially gonna punch holes in it.

And that doesn’t a couple of things: those holes allow water and air to get down to the root system. But it also additionally helps those small holes to act like little perfect planners.

So that when you put down grass seeds it will go in the holes and it will be pretty well spaced out. Aerating is an easy job to do compared to a lot of other very intensive things that can just take forever to get done.

You can aerate your lawn generally in a day and finish these steps in its eternity.

So now your weeds are under control and your aeration is done you’re all set to add some new CT along.

Now the good news is when you are going to see your area all you have got to do is put it in a broadcast spreader like this and you are just gonna roll around your lawn and spread it out.

So the seeds are going into the holes and some other areas.

But the question is what are the best seeds to put in your lawn? Experts suggest using Lesko or Jonathan green seeds. Although, the good rule of thumb is always to stick with one type of seed and use it for a couple of years before changing this one.

Step 3: Apply a starter fertilizer:

Now as you put your seeds down once that’s finished you have got to go back over the area and you do want to apply a starter fertilizer.

So till now, this is the first chemical that you’re gonna put in your lawn. And you are just gonna follow the direction of the starter fertilizer, put it in, spread it out and this will help those seeds begin germination.

But remember, starter fertilizers are specifically designed for new lawns so if you use regular fertilizer then you may increase the risk of burnout of the seeds.

Okay now start watering those new seed lines because new seeds need to stay wet as much as possible.

Although that’s not mean you should go out watering the seeds. Experts suggest doing some watering after you wake and after you get home from the office. But don’t forget to give water to your lawn seeds every day.

Note: For this stage, keep your kid’s vehicles and other heavy equipment far from your lawn. Don’t run any mower in your lawn for the first four weeks (after digging the seeds ).

Step 4: Run lawnmower:

After four weeks of seeds digging and when the grasses are 3 inches long then you do first mowing on your lawn.

Now here you see the satisfying result which you are looking for. Because when you cut those grass seedlings you really gonna see how good they start to look.

But remember, you need to run the lawnmower slowly because the grasses are soft, the seedlings are not very strong and you just do the mowing and don’t spend too much time on the grass.

After a maximum of 8 weeks, your lawn is ready to handle regular mowing. And in this stage, you pay for all of your hard work.

So, this is the process of fixing an ugly lawn.