Last Modified on Feb 23, 2021

How To Cut Wood Slabs With A Chainsaw Safely - Step By Step Guide

 Cut Wood Slabs With A Chainsaw

A chainsaw is one of the most dangerous tools that can injure you very badly if you do not use it carefully. In this article on how to cut wood slabs with a chainsaw, we will thoroughly guide you on how you should safely use your chainsaw to cut wood slabs; otherwise, you may harm yourself and maybe never use a chainsaw again after that.

There are two methods by which you can cut wood slabs in any size you want. One is by using a chainsaw mill that makes it very easy to cut woods and make the accurate size of slabs you need.

And the other is, without a chainsaw mill which is not easy, but if you follow all steps, you'll be able to cut wood slabs with ease.

Step By Step Guide On How To Cut Wood Slabs With A Chainsaw

Use Safety Gears

Before using any power tool, wearing safety gear is a must. So, you should always remember to wear chaps, eyeglasses, hearing protection, gloves, protective boots, and hard hat (helmet) before even starting your chainsaw.

Clear The Area & Workpiece

After wearing safety gears, the next step you need to do is clear the area where you're going to cut your wood. Make sure that there is no debris, stones, or any other obstacle that can interrupt you between your work.

If there is someone with you, please ask him to go at least 3-4 meters away. And lastly, clear your workpiece. For instance, if it is a tree log, then cut the other small branches from that log.

Position To Start Cutting With The Chainsaw

After completing both steps listed above, now you are ready to go to the next step but before that, let's talk a little bit about your stance and position that you'll need to know while making your cut.

So, the stance is going to be an athletic stance with your left foot a little bit forward than your right foot. Your left hand is going to be on the front handle of your chainsaw, easily accessible to activate the brake.

Your right hand is going to be on the rear handle, which will control the throttle. If you are lefty, just do all these steps with opposite hands and feet.

Now you are all set to go ahead.

Cut Wood Slabs Without A Chainsaw Mill

Step 1: Mark the size on wood log

Take chalk or marker and mark the size of the slab you want. Because without marking, the chances of you getting an unparallel size of slab are high, and it is better to mark the size first than just cutting the uneven size and then making it even.

Step 2: Start The Chainsaw

The safest way to start the chainsaw is to put it on the ground and make sure there's no obstruction around the chainsaw. Now, push the chain brake forward, put one of your feet on the rear handle, and pull the trigger gently until your saw starts.

Most people use the drop starting technique to start the chainsaw in which they use chainsaw weight to start it. They just hold the cord and push the chainsaw away from it to starts the chainsaw, but it is very dangerous.

I am not giving you any idea of starting a chainsaw with a different method but just trying to change your mind if you are thinking of dropping start your chainsaw.

Step 3: Begin Cutting

Now, hold the chainsaw tightly with both hands and take the position we mentioned above in the "position to start cutting" section.

Keep your saw on the mark you made with the chalk or something and push your saw downwards slowly and let your tool do the rest of the job. You don't have to go deep for the first time. Just cut about half an inch deep and push your tool forward gently.

This cut will not let you wander off your path. After making the complete cut in your workpiece, repeat this step and go about 4-5 inches deeper now and repeat this step again until 1-2 inches is left of the ground.

Step 4: Turn The Workpiece

This step is crucial if you want to cut with ease and want a perfect size. After cutting half of your workpiece, now it's time to turn it.

You can turn it with your hands, but it is very risky as it contains very small threads that can prick you. So you an axe to turn the wood and talk someone else's help if your workpiece is very heavy.

Step 5: Cut Again

Insert your saw in the gaps you have just cut and raise it slowly until you cut the complete wood. Now your slab is ready to use after some finishing.

Cut Wood Slabs With A Chainsaw Mill

Step 1: Choosing A Chainsaw Mill

Choosing a chainsaw mill is the most crucial step in the process of cutting wood slabs with a chainsaw mill because there are many factors you have to consider while buying it.

Many chainsaw mills are not compatible with most chainsaws, so before buying any mill, consider the type, features, and other specifications of your chainsaw.

The most important specs of a chainsaw mill are the cutting capacity and cutting depth it offers. So keep these points in mind while buying a mill and also check whether the mill is compatible with your saw or not.

Some of the best chainsaw mills that are doing very well in the market are listed below, which you can buy.
1. Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill 36 Inches
2. ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill
3. Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill

Step 2: Install The Chainsaw Mill

After buying the mill, now it's time to install it on the chainsaw. Use the guide to assemble and install that comes with the mill or take someone else's help you are facing any difficulty in installing it.

Step 3: Install Bars On The Workpiece

For easy and quick wood slab cutting, you should use some support to guide you and not let you wander off from your path. So you'll need to install a pair of rails on your workpiece for the first cut, which needs to nice, straight, and flat. You can make it own your own or buy it from any shop it is up to you.

Step 4: Start The Chainsaw

The process of starting the chainsaw is the same in both with and without chainsaw mill cases. So just keep it down, push the hand brake forward, put one of your feet on the rear handle and pull the cord until your saw starts.

Step 5: Begin Cutting

Now, tilt your chainsaw and set and set it according to the rails. Put your one hand on the mill's handle and the other on the chainsaw's handle and push it ahead.

Once you reach some distance from the starting point, take a small piece of wood and put it in the area you have cut. It will now allow your workpiece's upper part to push the saw's bar downwards, which will help you stay in the same position.

And after setting a small wood piece between the log, just go ahead and push the saw forward until you cut the complete log.

In The End

These are some steps that you can to use to cut slabs with your chainsaw in any size you need. But before going into it, you should know that cutting wood slabs with a chainsaw is a time taking process, and you need to keep patience.

For the first time, it may take hours, but when you'll repeat it about 3-4 times, you'll get used to it, and then, you'll not need any guidance to cut anything with your chainsaw. So be patient, keep practicing, and don't forget to use proper safety gear in any case; otherwise, that might be dangerous for you.