Last Modified on Jan 1, 2023

How To Cut Grooves In Wood Easily - Step By Step Guide

how to cut grooves in wood

Cutting grooves in the middle of the wood is easy if you pick the right tool based on your work. For small grooves and dados, a plunge router is more than enough to do this job. But if you want large grooves then experts suggest going for a table saw. So in this guide, we talk about How To Cut Grooves In Wood with a router, table saw, and by hand also.

This grooves-making job mostly done for cabinet and other wood furniture making. There are a couple of tools available to complete the job easily. But table saw and router, these two are the best options to go for. So without wasting your time jump to our grooves cut-in wood guide.

Complete Guide On How To Cut Grooves In Wood

So below we include two different tools to cut grooves in the wood. The first one is a plunge router and the second one is a table saw. Keep in mind, tools depend on your work basis. For small grooves pick a router and for a large one, the table saw is the best option.

Cut Grooves In Wood With A Plunge Router:

Pick Your Router Bit

There are two different types of router bit available in the market. The first one is a V-shaped bit and the second one is a flat-shaped bit.

Keep in mind, both bits work differently. Like v-shaped is best for decorative furniture making such as a table, desk, cabinets, etc. And the flat one is good for wood joining purposes. So pick your router bit as per your work.

If you have a router but don’t have bits, then search online or go to your nearest local hardware store to buy a new one.

Attach the bit with your handheld router

Now your job is attached to the bit that you chose previously. For that, unscrew the rotating guard from the router. And try to use a wrench to unscrew the bolt.

Then attach your new bit to the guard of your router. Then again tighten the nut for a perfect fit. If you messed up with this unscrewing then read the manual where every detail you found about how to unscrew a router bit.

Make a straight line to cut grooves in wood properly

It is important to make a line on top of the wood piece. That’s how you know from where you start and where you end cutting. And don’t forget to measure the line based on the size of your cut.

Try to double-check the line and run your pen twice over from the wood. This will make the line more clear and more visual.

Secure The Wood Piece

It is important to stick the wood piece properly and don’t move while you run the router on it. It will help to make the cut more professionally without any fault.

So first place your narrow woodblock and over it place a flat wood and screw it with a nut for tightening. It will prevent the wood piece while you cut grooves in the wood. And make sure you place the secure wood side by side with the straight line.

Place your router And set the Depth

It is easy but a vital part to cut grooves in the wood. Now place your router at the edge of the line and set the depth adjustment dial as per your need.

For perfection first set your dial by matching it with the wood piece. Then set the dial depth and now place it on the edge. It will help to know how far the bit goes under the wood.

Now run Your Router

Almost 90% of the work is done to cut grooves in the wood. Now wear your safety glasses and turn the router. Then simply press downward and move forward to make grooves in the wood.

And start with the edge of your straight line. Check twice if the router bit placid on the line properly. Then slowly move forward. Start with small and check every time while you cut. It will help to confirm if the cut is straight as you want.

Cut Grooves In Wood With A Table Saw:

Adjust the height of your table saw blades

Before grooving you need to adjust the height of the blades. For that pull up your table saw lever to adjust the blade’s height. And don’t forget to measure the height with a ruler. After your blade reaches the height as you want, just tighten the blades to prevent movement while you cut the wood.

Now mark a box line in wood

While you are grooving in the woods you need perfection for future use. So make sure the line is straight and the groove is perfect. So make a straight line, create a box downside the wood. Then mark the same line on the upper side of the wood. This will let you know where and how you start the cut.

Place downside of the wood on a table saw

Now place the wood piece on saw blades, the better side looks up. Now start cutting the wood by moving the block towards you. It will help to know the cut goes straight line as you want.

Start with a small cut and measure every time when you complete a cut. After completing onside rotate the woodblock and start cutting with another side of the wood.

Besides these two tools, you can also cut grooves with different rotary tools. Just because everyone needs different types of grooving in the woods.

In The End

So this is all about the cutting grooves in the wood. Keep in mind, woodworking projects are risky while you perform with shape blades.

So don’t forget to wear safety equipment before starting. Select your tool for grooving as per your choice. Because small cut grooves need routers and large and long cut grooves need a table saw.

Skill and experience are also required to perform the work professionally. If you read our guide carefully then it’s guaranteed that you are now able to start grooving.