Last Modified on Jan 2, 2023

How To Change Riding Lawn Mower Blades - Step By Step Guide

change riding lawn mower blades

Your riding lawn mower blades go worn and dull? Want to replace or sharpen them? Then you are at the right place, here we have discussed a complete step-by-step guide for how to change riding lawn bower blades.

Riding Lawn Mowers are very useful and expensive to cut all size grasses very quickly and efficiently. And the blades are a very important part of this machine.

We suggest changing the blades once a year that increases the cut ability in your lawn riding machine. Moreover, you need to follow the operator's manual specific to your mower before replacing the blades.

When we don’t know how to change lawn mower blades and need to use them, I know it hurts. But you don’t need to think more because we already give a complete guide below. We discuss how you turn the bolt, how you remove blades without removing the desk, and much more.

So without wasting your time, directly jump to our how to change riding mawn mower blades guide.

Step By Step Guide To Change Riding Lawn Mower Blades

Step 1: Start from safety

Before changing or removing the lawn mower blades, you need to follow some safety instructions to avoid any damage to this expensive machine and yourself. Always wear gloves to save your hands from cuts through your large, sharp, dangerous mower blades.

Besides that, you need to park your mower on a level surface with proper lock breaks and removing the spark plugs. This will help to avoid mower rolling and unexpected starting blades. Now you are ready to move forward.

Step 2: Lift your riding mower to change blades

Riding lawn mowers are heavy, but you need to raise the front deck to remove the underneath blades. In this case, try to use tractor lift tools for rising and use a wood block to attach to the baffle.

So the tool provides stability for the mower, and woodblock helps to stop turning your blades while you unscrew them. Finally, all of them boost the accessibility of underneath work. So This is the best way to change the blades without removing the deck from the riding mower.

Some Best Riding Lawn Mower Lift Equipment Suggestions:

1. Best Overall - Pro Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift Attachment
2. Best Budget Friendly - MoJack EZ Max - Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift Attachment
3. Value For Money - MoJack XT - Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lifter
4. Jungle Jim's Commercial or Push Mower Lift Jack
5. Ballard Inc Super Jack Pro - Mower Jack

Step 3: Time to take the bolts off

Now take a correct size socket wrench and use it to take the bolt or nut off by turning it in an anticlockwise direction. Then place the nut in a safe place and gently remove the blades by moving up and down. It’s because the mower blades are tightly attached with spindles.

Many people make mistakes in reattaching the mower blades correctly. So it’s better to take a picture before removing the underneath blades.

Step 4: Check the requirement of your blades

After removing the blades, check the present condition of it. If the blades are very old, badly damaged, and bent, it should go for replacement. But if you notice some rust and the blades' edge got blunt, sharpness is the only requirement.

Step 5: Go for a hardware or mower repair shop

Now time to sharp or replace your riding mower blades. For that, you need to go to a repair or hardware store. And also, carry your old blades to compare and understand which blade suits best for your mower? Although different mowers need different types of blades like mulching, heavy-duty, and discharging. So compare your blades at the shop with their features, length, and spline.

When you go to the store, then it's better to check your lawn mower’s other maintenance work also, if needed, like grass clippings, belts, pulleys, tensioners, and other parts.

Step 6: Install your sharpened or new blades

For blade installation in your mower, just follow your manual instruction or place the blade through-hole of it. And make sure the blade part number is facing the ground. If it goes difficult for you, then remember that your blade's curves of the edges are always facing upward. After you place the blades by following our recommendation, then give a hand tightening to the nut and secure your blends.

That’s why we suggested taking a picture. If you have already done it, you can easily find the correct lawn mower blade position.

Step 7: Complete the final work

After setting the blades in their perfect position, now it's time to remove the tool or block. After that, slowly lower your machine down and reconnect the spark plug wire to start and check.

If you follow this complete guide, then definitely you can easily change the blade of any lawn mower.