Last Modified on Jan 2, 2023

Dewalt D55168 225 PSI 15 Gallon Air Compressor Review [2023]

Dewalt 15 gallon air compressor

Dewalt is a well-known brand in industries, and most professional prefers to buy Dewalt product over other brands. It manufactures every single hand and power tool that most of you probably haven't even heard the name of.

Today, we are going to discuss about one of the most selling products by Dewalt, an air compressor.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty air compressor and are confused about whether you should buy Dewalt D55168 225 PSI 15-gallon air compressor or not, then don't worry.

In this blog, we will try to give you every single piece of information about this air compressor which will help you decide whether it is worth buying in 2023 or not? So let's see what's this tool offers.

Dewalt D55168 225 PSI 15 Gallon Air Compressor Unbaised Review

Overall Design

If you are not hearing Dewalt's name for the first time, then you may probably know that Dewalt uses yellow color on every single product it manufactures, and this compressor also comes with barely yellow color.

For those who want to buy a compressor for their shop, this portable air compressor has a length of 24.50 inches, a width of 22 inches & a height of 44.75 inches so please keep this size in mind before buying.

Unlike others, this compressor comes with a vertical tank because of which it doesn't acquire much space, which gives you the advantage of keeping more other tools in your shop or workplace.

Dewalt d55168 air compressor

Its dual-purpose handle provides safety to the motor and compressor. There is no area on the compressor where you could lay it down flat on its back or on its side.

It may roll around, which may damage the compressor. It comes with extra support at the bottom that also contains holes, which you can use to screw it to the floor to make it more stable.


The company claims that it's the quietest compressor, but after testing this compressor 2-3 times, we can conclude that it is probably not the quietest compressor.

Dewalt d55168 air compressor

Its sound may even irritate your neighbors and you if you do not use some hearing protection. This air compressor comes with a 1.6 HP motor which is responsible for filling the air in its tank. Dewalt d55168 air compressor

This compact but powerful air compressor can generate a maximum pressure of 225 PSI for the toughest applications and allow tools to be used for a longer time.

We tested it with some pneumatic tools such as a nail gun, air hammer, air ratchet, and angle grinder, and this compressor did a great job with all the tools and really gives a longer run time as the company advertises.

Weight & Portability

This Dewalt D55168 225 PSI 15 Gallon Air Compressor is not like other expensive light-duty air compressors.

I must say that this is a heavy air compressor and weighs around 92 pounds, but you can't expect a 15-gallon air compressor to be lightweight. This particular unit comes with 8-inch wheels, which makes this tool extremely portable.

So if you ever need to take it to some other place, you will be able to do that with ease. One horrible thing about this air compressor that you should know about is its air nozzle under its tank.

Dewalt d55168 air compressor

The air nozzle is about half an inch above the ground which seems that the company has not paid any attention to it, meaning, if you want it for your shop & you never want to take it to any other place then its fine but if you're wheeling this around on any kind of bad terrain you will rip that little air nozzle right off your compressor.

To solve this problem, most users use 10 inches wheels instead of 8-inches which raises its base by few inches and saves that air nozzle from getting break.


One of the most important factors of buying any product is its warranty period. The most air compressor comes with a warranty period of at least three years which is very good, but Dewalt offers only 1-year of warranty on this D55168 225 PSI 15-gallon air compressor which I think is very less for a power tool, but it comes with 30-days money-back guarantee, that most brands don't offer. So in case you find anything wrong with this compressor, you can return it.


  • Don't require much maintenance like other compressors
  • 8-inches wheels help in portability
  • Compact design doesn't acquire much space
  • Easy to use
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Dual-purpose handle provides protection to the compressor
  • Can be used to run any pneumatic tool


  • Not that quiet that company claims
  • Only 1-year of warranty
  • No air hose included

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a compact & portable air compressor for your small shop, you can go with it as it is powerful, portable, don't need much maintenance as other compressors need, which is an advantage, and comes in a decent price segment so you can buy it and use it to work with any pneumatic tool you want.

Just keep some points in mind like its noise, its warranty period, and no other attachment comes with it except some nut & bolt sets, fasteners, and hooks. So you'll need to pay some extra money and buy the necessary attachments like an air hose separately.

If you don't have any problem with these points, you should definitely go with this air compressor. It can add great value to your workshop.