Last Modified on Jan 5, 2023

How To Convert A Pressure Washer Into A Sewer Jetter - Complete Guide

convert pressure washer into sewer jetter

Not just you, many people asked how to convert a pressure washer into a sewer jetter. But the answer is simple, which we discuss below.

Let me first give you a quick overview of sewer jetter. It is a machine that contains some great accessories to make the debris removal process from pipes more efficient. For that, it has mainly hose and nozzles.

Drain hose is a long, light, and thick cable where the flows of water go through, besides that nozzles are the interlocking system to control that water flow to make the cleaning process more productive.

Although converting a pressure washer into a sewer jetter, first you need to buy a sewer jetter kit that is mostly available at between $30 to $200.

So just go buy a new one to make the cleaning process easy at home. Although, after converting, you don’t need to call a plumber guy for cleaning. So without wasting time, quickly look at our pressure washer converting into a sewer jetter guide.

Every pressure washer comes with the following items

Pressure Ball Valves:

In simple words, it is an interlocking system to control liquid or gas by turning the ball at 90 degrees.

Jetter Hose:

It is a long, light, and flexible pathway gate where the water flows and goes through. And in the majority, jetter hoses contain 2000 to 4000 PSI (pressure rate that measures pounds per square inch).

Nozzles (Usually a Laser, Rotating, and Ram Nozzles):

Nozzles and hose, both are the main important parts of the sewer jetter. So these nozzles are designed to work under the pipe in different ways. Backward-facing jet holes are the main difference between every available nozzle in the market. And try to buy 30-35-degree nozzles, which are more helpful for regular use like wall cleaning and debris removal from pipes.

Jumper Hose:

Lastly, the Jumper hose and Hose reel are also part of the pressure washer kit.

Steps for converting a pressure washer into a sewer jetter.

  • Attach the high-pressure hose to the outport of the pressure washer.
  • The next step is to attach the provided ball valve to the end of the pressure washer hose. This takes the place of the trigger gun and allows you to control water flow.
  • The next step is to attach the jumper hose to the other side of the ball valve and then attach the other side of the jumper hose with the hose reel base.
  • Now your pressure washer is ready to clean, so just direct the jetter hose toward the pipe you want to clean.
  • Turn on your pressure washer and start cleaning your dirt pipeline.

So these are just some simple steps on how to convert a pressure washer into a sewer jetter.

Did you know that how a sewer jetter works? If not, then below is the answer.

Pipe blockages are one of the most common problems of many house colonies in the USA. It happens because sludge, hair, grease, tree roots, or paper materials may stick or block the empty root of your pipe. And sometimes, this stubborn debris goes very difficult to remove because it may be strongly absorbed by your pipe walls.

For a solution, everyone thinks about a plumber who works the cleaning jobs more efficiently. But it may charge you some money for doing this job. Although, the fact is you can convert a washer into a jetter at home by following our tips.

It will help to save your time, effort, and money. A sewer jetter is a powerful tool when it comes to the removal of debris. These machines contain long cables that go through from your short and thick pipelines. Besides that, the hose and nozzles come up first to clean dirt from the pipe by providing high pressurized water flows.

As you know, the hose is long, light, and thick that easily goes inside the pipe and nozzles that control the speed of the flows to break down strong debris from your pipes. So just go and convert the pressure washer to make the cleaning process more efficient at home.


Can I use a pressure washer to unclog a drain?

Yes, you can use a pressure washer to unclog a drain. Because after converting the pressure washer into a sewer jetter, you get nozzles. It contains front-firing jet breaks or removes the clogs from the pipelines. Besides that, you also get backfiring jets. It helps to scrub the side of the pipes by propelling the jetter hose into the drain.

Why do pressure washer pumps fail?

Regular uses of pressure washer experience two major problems called cavitation and overheating. So cavitation is the cause of lack of water supplies in the pump, and overheating is the cause of excess GPI than your pump's capacity. So if you don’t want to experience pumps failing, always check these two important things first.

How much is sewer jetter cost?

Sewer jetter prices depend on your country and your area competition. But if I suggest a premium quality sewer jetter then it would be a 50 FT Jet Snake Drain Cleaner for Your Gas Pressure Washer that is available on amazon. Although, you can also find some other cheap sewer jetter kits like TOKHAROI Sewer Jetter Kit from amazon. It may cost you around $40.

Can you increase the pressure on a pressure washer?

Yes, you can increase the pressure on a pressure washer. You need to buy a regulator fit pressure washer so that you can turn the dial to control the pressure of the washer. Moreover, nozzles can also be changed, which helps to improve the speed of flow.

Lastly, you can also check some points before making your washer more powerful, like the nozzles of your pressure washer.Regular use of the machine loses the front nozzles, so that you can go and check the front nozzle if it loses or not. If lost, then fix it or buy a new one to improve or increase the pressure of the washer.

In The End

So these are the tips about How to convert a pressure washer into a sewer jetter. Remember, hose and nozzles are two important things on a sewer jetter kit. So before purchasing a kit, always check their quality and other beneficial benefits to improve the cleaning process of debris drain.

After that, if you want to increase the speed of your pressure washer's flow, then just take a look at the nozzles that help control the flows. Sometimes it goes loose so that water or liquid gets stuck in the hose and cannot remove the excess dirt from inside the pipes.

So this is it, just go and buy your suitable sewer jetter kit and also use our tips to convert your pressure washer into a sewer jetter.