Last Modified on Jan 4, 2023

How To Convert Leaf Blower To Mosquito Sprayer - Step By Step Guide

convert leaf blower to mosquito sprayer

Mosquito sprayer or blower in the US may charge you between $100 to $500 and more. But how interesting it would be if you convert leaf blower to mosquito prayer. Sounds good, right? So here is the proper guide about how to convert leaf blower to mosquito sprayer.

One of the most annoying and dangerous insects is mosquitoes. Every year more than 2000 serious cases ( affected by mosquitoes ) are reported only in malaria, USA. Besides that, if you belong to the East Coast, Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and Southern regions in the US then it goes more serious to prevent yourself from these harmful creatures.

For that mosquito, sprayer will be the ideal choice to make your surrounding places free from any insects. But the problem is a mosquito blower or sprayer is a little bit expensive. Although, why do you need this equipment if you know the process about how to convert leaf blower to mosquito sprayer. So without wasting your time directly jump into our step-by-step guide.

Step By Step Guide To Convert Leaf Blower To Mosquito Sprayer

Step 1: Bring A handheld mosquito blower

This means you need to bring a mosquito yard shield attachment or mist blower conversion kit from any hardware store. It is a gas blower that has a handheld jar or tank, a pre-installed hose, and a flow controlling valve together with a long blowing pipe.

How does it work? Just sling the tank on your back, hook up the hose with its blowing pipe. So liquid comes down from the tank through a pre-pre-installed tube, and it blows the stuff all over the bushes from top to bottom, and everywhere you want.

But the problem is, a lot of people complain about this and say it's not pressurized, just gravity takes down the liquids.

Step 2: Bring a backpack leaf blower

Besides mosquito blowers also bring a backpack leaf blower which is very convenient to use for blowing debris from grass, trees, etc.
Why do you need all of these? Because of some arrangement or hacks that help to Convert Leaf Blower into a Mosquito Sprayer.

Step 3: Attach the blowers together

Now here comes the vital part, which is to attach the blowers together. So first start with measuring the tank of your mosquito blower. After that, bring two steel or any strong bars that are a little bit long in size from your tank height.

Because these bars need to be attached with the leaf blower’s backpack. It helps to stabilize the mosquito tank in position when you are spraying brushes. For tank attachment with bars, you can use straps and clips for stability.

Step 4: Do the Final job

Now simply screw the blowing pipe together so it has long enough to blow your preferred height and distance. Then attach the hoses together so that the liquid comes out smoothly.

This is a simple process to convert Leaf Blower To Mosquito Sprayer. Because a handheld blower doesn’t pressurize but a backpack blower has. It means after the attachment of both blowers turns it into a specified sprayer.

So this is the simple process to Convert Leaf Blower To Mosquito Sprayer. Although, in this hack, you find some drawbacks, which we discuss below.

Important Notes:

  • A gallon tank on a backpack makes the item heavy. For example, per gallon liquid has an 8-pound weight, but after placing the tank on the backpack, it goes a little heavy up to 12 pounds.
  • Make sure you attach the steel bars strongly; otherwise the tank may fall while you are spraying the brushes.
  • The second lesson for this hack is the clamps only hold it for a certain period of time.
  • Remember, with this hack, you move the sprayer over your head because it is a gravity feed system, if you put the nozzle above this, no water comes out, so keep the sprayer down and low.

This attachment hack will definitely save your time, effort, and money. Because here, you get two powerful options, leaf provides powerful air, and mosquito blower supplies liquids through their long pipes.

But after the attachment, liquid comes fast and goes far because of pressurized air so that you can cover a long distance by standing far from the spraying area.


What is the best chemical to spray for mosquitoes?

Naled, phenothrin, permethrin, Malathion, and pyrethrins are some of the best chemicals to spray for mosquitoes. It helps to control or remove these insects from your surroundings.

But if you ask, What do professionals use to spray for mosquitoes?. Then the answer is pyrethrins, which are mainly used by these insect control companies.

What is the best leaf blower for the money?

Although, there are different types of leaf blowers available in the market. But we like to recommend Husqvarna 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower, which is a powerful and well-balanced item that you can buy for yourself or commercial purpose.


So this is all about how to convert leaf blower to mosquito sprayer. Remember first, you need a mist blower conversion kit and backpack blower sprayer attachment. Then simply attach these blowers by following our recommended steps.

Then you found that your mosquito sniper system is ready to fight these annoying insects. Moreover, this sniper system works well because mist comes out fast with the help of air pressure generated by leaf blowers.

As a result, you can convert almost 3 feet distance by standing in a place. Although, spraying up or over your head may feel unsatisfying because of the gravity that pools the liquids down. But still, it's very easy to convert and convenient to use.

Lastly, before starting the spray, always check the tank position, which is perfectly attached with the blower backpack. Otherwise, the vibration of this mosquito removal tool forces the tank to fall down below.