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Top 8 Best Variable Speed Bench Grinder List - Updated Picks with Buying Guide

best variable speed bench grinder

Do-it-yourself masters know that having a bench grinder in your armament increases the efficiency of their workshop. It's a weapon of choice if you want an easy and accurate way to sharpen, ground, smooth, buff, or polish your tools. If you're in the market to find the best machine for the job, then look no further.

Today we're going to review the top 8 best variable speed bench grinder with their pros and cons so that you guys don't face any problem while choosing an ideal bench grinder for you.

The major difference between regular bench grinder and the variable speed bench grinder is the variation of the speed of the wheels. The regular bench grinder moves with the same speed, which sometimes becomes tough for beginners to use them to get the accurate sharpness they wanted, but this is not in the case of variable speed bench grinders.

They have multiple speed variations that allow the user to slow the rotating wheel's speed if the user is not comfortable with the high speed rotating wheel. Both types of grinders can be used to sharpen tool bits, chisels, drill bits but with the variable speed bench grinder; you'll be able to control the sharpness of your tool.

So, these were some basic difference between the two which can help you decide whether you should go with a single-speed bench grinder or a variable speed bench grinder. If you have made your mind to go with the variable speed bench grinder, then this suggestion list with buying is going to help you a lot. So without wasting time, let's fall into it.

1. Delta Power Tools 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder


Let's start this list with one of the best variable speed bench grinders that comes from the brand Delta. Delta is a well-known brand name among do-it-yourselfers and the manufacturing industry. Of course, a company who's in the business for generations will surely not disappoint with the products they created.

Their 8 inches variable speed bench grinder is a multi-purpose tool with a powerful motor that's built to withstand even the toughest of materials. It's ideal for projects and tools that require shaping polishing sharpening deburring or grading, thanks to its 5 amp induction type motor.

This bench grinder makes for a hard-working tool that's even tougher than nails. It can also be used in multiple industrial grinding applications, and with the speed of 3400 RPM, you can never go wrong with the strength and capacity of work that it can provide.

This machine comes with a Delta 23-197 bench grinder, a 36 grit and 60 grit wheel and has an eye shield and spark deflectors for maximum safety during operation. The Delta 8 inch bench grinder is backed up by 5-year limited warranty for superb assistance when you need it. Add this to your collection of machinery, and we promise you'll never regret it.

Weight - 44.2 pounds
Options of color - Blue & black combination


  • Wheels speed: 2,000 - 3400 RPM
  • Comes with adjustable shields
  • Water tray to keep the workpiece cool
  • Comes with 5 years of huge warranty
  • Work light with a separate on/off switch
  • Value for money product


  • Sometimes it vibrates like crazy
  • Average quality eye shields

2. WEN 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder


At number two is Wen 4280 8 inch benchtop grinder. This tool runs on a 5 amp variable speed motor that goes anywhere from 2000 to 3400 RPM. It's quenching tray is another amazing feature of this product. It helps cool down your workpieces during long grinding sessions and thus prevents them from warping due to excess heat.

With the wen's 8-inch benchtop grinder make sure you get your money's worth. You can rely on this machine to restore your old tools so you won't have to buy a new one every time they dull.

This machine comes with two 8 by 1-inch wheels, an 80 grit wheel for general grinding purposes and a 36 grit coarse wheel for faster grinding. It's compact and powerful against tough grinding and sharpening. It's powerful yet silent for pointing at motor starts up smoothly and quickly.

This machine will certainly not disappoint when it comes to power. This grinder is easy to use. It's designed to make guard removal and changing wheels easier. Trust in this machine for optimum performance and comfort along with its safety features that act as a protection against accidental injuries.

It comes with adjustable eye guards that you can move or remove for your own comfort and an adjustable work rest for when you need to work at a certain angle. Deeper ragged edges clean tools and sharpen your blades with this easy-to-use benchtop grinder from Wen.

Total Weight - 41 pounds
Options of color - Orange


  • Sturdy cast iron base with mounting holes
  • Slower speed allows great control on the tool
  • Speed: 2000 - 3400 RPMs
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in an affordable price segment


  • Grit quality is not very good
  • Has vibration issues.

3. JET 8-Inch Variable-Speed Industrial Grinder


On number 3 spot is the jet 8-inch variable speed bench grinder. This one comes with a 60-grit wheel alongside a 36 grit grinding wheel made of aluminium oxide that's been vitrified for ultimate strength and ensures the quality and stability when used to cut, clean, deeper, polish, blend edges and finish a variety of surfaces.

Thanks to its powerful motor, the machine can pack a speed of up to 3600 RPM for precise clean cuts and polishes. It's a heavy-duty tool that supports you while you work. It's built to last through the toughest working conditions, which is why it's a tool of choice for even the busiest workshops which require sturdy, reliable machines that can withstand high work volumes.

It's compact and durable it promises to deliver flawless results with equal precision every single time. Purchasing the Jets 8-inch variable speed benchtop grinder provides you with an armoury of features. It's cast iron wheel protects dust shoots.

Rubber mounts provide traction to prevent unnecessary movement during use. Pre-lubricated fully enclosed ball bearings are installed for efficient and seamless wheel rotation. Best of all, it's a ul listed for quality and safety, ensuring you'll get satisfying results.

Other safety features include oversized eyes shield with quick customized adjustments and adjustable tool rust for perfect angles and more accurate work. The jet benchtop grinder comes with a two-year warranty and a reliable service centre in case your tool needs repairs or some parts need to be replaced.

Weight - 66 pounds
Options of color - Silver


  • wheel stops from 3600 to 0 in just 20 seconds
  • Large eye shields for safety
  • CSA/CUS certified
  • Also has 2 round dust collections ports
  • Highly durable machines


  • It is a heavy machine

4. Shop Fox 8-Inch Variable Speed Grinder


Next, we have the Shop Fox 8-inch grinder. Featuring LED work lights that provide great illumination and a heavy-duty 5 amp induction motor. This machine offers a maximum speed capacity of up to 3400 RPM and minimum speed capacity of 2000 RPM.

It comes with useful features like large glass eye shields for better safety during work, and convenient adjustable tool rests so you can be sure of accurate grinds and polishes every single time.

This bench grinder is equipped with a heavy cast-iron base that minimizes vibration and creates greater stability while operating. It comes with the usual 36 grit and 60 grit wheel variations made true and balanced right off the bat so no need for initial calibration.

Just put it down on your work plate plug it in, and you're all set. It also comes with a hardware operator's manual. It guides you from setup to operation to troubleshooting. It's the perfect equipment for maintaining tools sharpening blades and virtually any kind of metalwork. It also does well in woodworking.

You can bet this machine will deck your workshop for an enormous amount of time. It offers the support and efficiency required for just about any level of expertise. A two-year manufacturer's warranty backs it in case the machine needs repairs or maintenance.

Weight - 40 pounds
Options of color - White


  • Comes with Dual adjustable aluminium work rests
  • Dual Aluminum-Oxide grinding wheels
  • Large eye shield for better safety
  • Directional LED work light for better visibility
  • Produce less vibrations


  • Tool rests are difficult to use sometimes

5. Porter-Cable 6-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder


Now comes a famous electric-powered 6-inch variable speed bench grinder from a highly reputed brand Porter-Cable. It comes with the adjustable 40-watt lamp for enhanced visibility while at work but you'll need to pay extra money for it as it is not included.

The porter cable bench grinder prides itself with a 2.5 Amp Ball Bearing Induction Motor that provides speeds from 2000 RPM to 3400 RPM and works quietly. Its base is made of sturdy cast iron already pre-drilled with holes so you can mount it on a desktop with ease.

This little grey beast is equipped with medium and coarse grinding wheels so you can use them for a variety of materials with a convenient adjustable tool rest to provide accuracy all the time. If we talk about its weight, then it the lightest variable speed bench grinder in this list.

It weighs only 25.55 pounds, making this tool extremely lightweight compared to other bench grinders of its category. You get everything you need in a grinder. It's got a good motor, quiet operation, good safety features and great value for your money .

It's simple straightforward for the simple, straightforward person who wants nothing but a reliable machine. The Porter-Cable PCB525BG 6 inches Variable Speed Bench Grinder also comes with a three-year limited warranty for repairs and part replacements.

Weight - 25.5 pounds
Options of color - Grey


  • Extremely lightweight tool
  • Easy to use adjustable aluminium tool rests
  • Also includes a wheel dresser for cleaning and reshaping the wheel
  • Removable Quench Water Tray
  • Thin housing profile to properly position the larger workpieces.
  • Comes with 90 days money-back guarantee


  • The bulb is not included with the tool.
  • Difficult to install a wire wheel
  • Low-quality wheel covers

6. Ironton 8-Inch Variable Speed Benchtop Grinder


Ironton covers different types of hand and power tool and tries to make the best version of them. And this variable speed bench grinder is the best example of that. This tool uses powerful 5 amp motor which can deliver the speed of 2,000 RPM to 3400 RPM which user can change with single turn by simply turning the rotating switch if needed.

The excellent quality eye shields are always an essential part of any bench grinder which this grinder also contains and you can adjust these shields according to your need. Its built-in water cooling tray is a great feature which helps you cool your tool instantly after sharpening it.

With added safety features, you can trust the Ironton bench grinder to do the job with minimal to no workspace hazards. It's truly a reliable partner for all of your do-it-yourself projects and for maintaining your other tools.

If we talk about the included components, then the complete purchase contains an 8 inches variable speed bench grinder, one 8 inches 60 grit aluminium oxide wheel, one 8 inches wire wheel, one wheel dresser and a good quality light bulb which you can use for better visibility in low light conditions.

It uses cast iron bases that provide good stability and reduces vibration, which gives you a great overall working experience.

Weight - 41.72 pounds
Options of color - Black


  • Includes a good quality light bulb
  • Solid cast iron construction/li>
  • Built-in water cooling tray
  • Easy to adjust the speed
  • Very powerful tool


  • Good for occasional use only
  • Low-quality tool rest
  • Average quality 60 grit wheel

7. TACKLIFE Variable Speed Bench Grinder


If you are looking for a compact and cheapest variable speed bench grinder that you can use for graving, polishing, rust removal, and other similar purposes, this Tacklife Multifunctional sharpener might be the tool you should go for. This is a different type of device than all the grinders listed here.

Its 1.67A motor can help you sharp drill bits, knife & scissor, chisel & plane, etc. in very less time. As it is not a heavy-duty bench grinder so you can't expect much in this price point, but still it performs better than most other highly rated and over expensive bench grinders out there.

Let's talk about weight. This light-duty bench grinder weighs only 8.16 pounds which means you can carry it with you wherever you want without any problem. Its six different speed control levels allow you to change its wheel speed according to your need.

Where other grinders use cast iron base, this tool is entirely made of stainless steel and plastic, which is not bad, but the cast-iron makes your tool more durable, reliable and long-lasting. It also comes with two grinding wheels which are corundum and diamond grinding wheels.

The corundum grinding wheel can handle softer materials like knives and scissors where the other diamond grinder wheel can tackle hard material like chisels and drills.

Weight - 8 pounds
Options of color - Orange & black combination


  • 6-speed adjustment speed levels.
  • Comes in an affordable price range
  • Can be used to tackle a wide array of jobs
  • Very lightweight and extremely portable.
  • Have so many functionalities


  • Not for heavy-duty purpose
  • Made of plastic and stainless steel

8. BUCKTOOL 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder


At last, we have Bucktool 8 inches variable speed bench grinder. Bucktool is a trusted brand which is famous for providing excellent services, and they try to improve their tools every year. It comes with useful safety features like 3 times magnifier glass eye shield for better visibility during work and rubber feet for better grip providing stability while working.

It uses 1/2 HP dual-speed induction motor that can change wheels' speed from 1725 RPM to 3450 RPM by simply turning the switch low to high in very less time and stops very quickly when you complete your work.

The slow speed of 1725 RPM makes it one of the best bench grinders for sharpening the woodworking tool and the 3450 RPM makes it ideal for tough tools like a chisel. Like other brands, its base is also made of cast iron which makes this tool sturdy enough to handle any heavy-duty task without producing a lot of vibrations.

It contains good quality of tool rests made of cast aluminium which you can adjust according to your need to get the desired sharpness at any angle you want. This grinder includes white aluminium oxide wheel, 80 grit and 120 grit which performs very well when it comes to grinding, sharpening, shaping and polishing.

Weight - 44.8 pounds
Options of color - Silver


  • Tool rest are easy to use
  • 3 times magnifier shield
  • Heavy-duty cast iron base
  • Includes good quality aluminium oxide wheels
  • Have rubber feet to reduce vibration


  • Tough to assemble for beginners
  • The user manual is hard to read and understand.


What is the best 8 inch bench grinder?

If we talk about only best 8 inch bench grinders then the answer is in top of our list. After comparing with dozens of bench grinders we can conclude that top two suggestions of our list can be the tool you are looking for which are Delta Power Tools 8-Inch Bench Grinder and WEN 8-Inch Bench Grinder.

Both these tools offers you almost same features with same speed variations but in a slightly different price segment. So if you have tight budget then you can go with WEN's grinder otherwise we'll suggest you to go with DELTA bench grinder.

Are Delta bench grinders good?

Before concluding about delta grinders, let me first tell you that no tool is bad and no tool is perfect. It's up to you that how you use them and Is that tool have that features that you need. Now coming back to delta, It is a well know brand and most of its products are recommended by experts and professionals.

Delta offers the good quality products in an affordable and decent price segment. So, if you are a beginners you can definitely take start from delta bench grinder.

Do I need a variable speed bench grinder?

Variable speed bench grinder tool is for those who don't know how much pressure they should use to get their job done, in short recommended for beginners. So If you are one of those and ruining your tools then yes, you really need a variable speed bench grinder. You can use it at slow speed in beginning to control your tool sharpness better and then shift it to its high speed after you get good practice.

What is a bench grinder good for?

A bench grinder is good for different purposes like grinding, sharpening metal objects, cutting, buffing, removing rust from metal quickly, shaping the hard objects and polishing. A good bench grinder can be used for all the purposes mentioned above without any problem.

What is a slow speed grinder?

Slow speed grinders are the grinders which operates at a speed of 1800-2000 RPMs or even slower. These grinders generates less heat compared to any normal single speed bench grinders which helps the user in sharpening their tool without destroying the edge. Although, the slow speed grinders are a bit expensive than the normal ones.