Last Modified on Feb 20, 2022

Top 10 Best Snow Blower For Gravel Driveway in 2022 - Best Picks with Buying Guide

Most people hesitate to use the snow blower on gravel driveway as they always figure there's going to be a problem of picking gravel but using a proper machine and few adjustments on it, there's shouldn't be a problem. Choosing the right equipment for the right purpose is always very helpful, but if you don't select the right equipment, that might cause serious problems with your device and on which you are using it.

best snow blower for gravel driveway

Many good options are available in the market to buy a snow blower for a gravel driveway. There are not so many, and that's why we have prepared a list of the 10 best snow blower for gravel driveway so that you guys don't face any problem buying a perfect blower for you.

There are some factors to consider before buying a snow thrower, such that their updated version, how much area you need to cover, what is the height of snow from the driveways and walkways, and also the type of terrain; otherwise, you might waste your money on an outdated and useless machine.

There are three types of snow blowers commonly used worldwide: gas, electrical, and battery-powered. You can use any of them without any problem to remove snow from your gravel driveway, but it is very important to know about their limitations first as these blowers come in different stages, and you need to select one of them according to your need and according to the amount of snow you need to remove.

1. Snow Joe Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower, SJ623E


Snow joe has a top-notch solution for thin layered snow in your driveway without worrying about gas-tank to fill. It is an electrified single stage snow blower with 18-inch width of 4 steel blade auger & possessed to cut out max. 10-inch deep layer of snow easily in each drive.

With 15amp motor snow joe snow blower is capable of lifting 720lbs of ice in minutes. There is a rotatable(180degree) discharge chute to lob approx. 25ft snow up outside. No problem to work with snow at night as it has a headlight to light up. To swab up extra snow in the snow blower, there are clearing tools as a plus point. Hands are safe from fatigue as the handles are easy to access with an additional safety controller button.

Weight - 34 pounds
Options of color - black, blue

Reasons to buy

  • Thin to medium snow sheets can be blowed effortlessly.
  • A rotating chute will save outside of gravel driveway or pavement scattering snow evenly on every side.
  • It has simple maintenance unlike gas snow blowers.
  • It is modified with extra features like-headlight, clearing tool to long for.
  • It has efficiency of up to 15 amp to cut out 720lbs snow.

Reasons to unlist

  • Snow joe snow blower can be used only up to its power cord length (about 100ft from start).
  • No controller to run single handedly.

2. Greenworks Pro 80V 20-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower, 2600402


One of professionals' choice GreenWorks 2600402 pro will give you a cordless feature to use. If mid-heavy snow is making your long car driveway hindered then with its 80V lithium-ion battery power Greenworks pro snow blower is perfect to blow out snow coherently. Cut out 20-inch side width auger snow with 10 inch in depth snow layers unfolding gravels, stones.

Simply charge the battery & it will serve 2amp/hour efficiency for at least 30min.It has a rotating eject chute. With a brushless motor, it is quite uncomplicated for maintenance. Use a mellow battery of about room-temperature for a hassle-free snow blow. It has LED light to light up pavement in blur light with an easy electric start.

Weight - 33 pounds
Options of color - Green combined with black

Reasons to buy

  • Change battery quickly & use it for long time
  • No need to bear with gas-tanks
  • A 6-inch stern wheel is easy to work on gravel driveway.
  • Brushless motor is quite operative without physical maintenance

Reasons to unlist

  • Greenworks pro is also a single stage snow blower.
  • Need to reintegrate cold battery to height up performance in auger & impeller.
  • Quite Expensive in proportion to its usage.

3. Briggs & Stratton Dual-Stage Snow Blower, S1227


World’s largest gasoline engine producing company, Briggs & Stratton also shines in the field of snow blower. As a company of efficient engine seller Briggs & Stratton S1227 dual-stage snow blower with 250cc engine of 1150 snow series have 27inch width with 20inch deep cutting power. It has a push lever to start the engine powered by electric.

11.5-foot pounds of torque can pick up heavy snow to uncover gravel driveway. 200-degree Rotatable discharge chute connected by operator for automatic control for heavy boulders without hands. It has two control steering handle with sturdy wheels. The automatic control panel is also designed to control snow deflect.

The unit is made up of steel with an aluminum gearbox for long life. Friction disc transmission makes it easy to clear snow in time of massive snowfall. It has skids to keep safe distance between snow blower & surface ground which also enables adjustment of height. The skid shoes are reversible to make smooth snow blower drive in heavy snow ground. The company provides 3-year necessary tools (clearing tools) with warranty.

Weight - 189 pounds
Options of color - black/red

Reasons to buy

  • Dual-stage snow blower
  • Aluminum gearbox
  • Clearing tools
  • Skid shoes for convenience in height adjustment
  • Automated operator system
  • Have disc transmission against friction in snow

Reasons to unlist

  • High maintenance
  • Need more space to store this snow blower

4. Greenworks 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower, 2600502


If you are looking for slightly flimsy easy pushing snow blower, Greenworks model no. 2600502 is better unlike the one mentioned before. With a 20-inch wide auger, it is capable of blowing out thin snow of gravel ground & pavements. The impeller can take snow back towards the discharge chute to projectile snow 20ft away. The discharge tube is rotatable along 180 degrees as well.

This corded snow thrower is coiled with a 13amp motor as a great replacement for gas powered snow blowers. It has a folding handle to keep in a compact garage or machine room with LED light to illuminate when to throw snow in gloomy weather. Need only to push the button to start the motor.

Weight - 30 pounds
Options of color - Green combined with black

Reasons to buy

  • Not so heavy to work with snow
  • Rotatable discharge chute
  • Headlight for gloomy whether
  • Easily portable 7-inch wheels

Reasons to unlist

  • Not for long gravel driveway
  • Don’t have cleaning tools

5. TACKLIFE Single-stage Electric Snow Blower


This electric driven single stage snow blower has also possessed 15amp efficiency best for medium snowfall. Steel augers have rubber blades to protect driveways, pavement. However, TACKLIFE snow blower is not appropriate for gravel or stone driveways but has a lot more apt-able feature. With 3000 rotation/revolution per minute, it can snow out 800lbs per minute. Easy maintenance with PE plastic handle for safe use with double switch.

Notice that every part of this snow blower from impeller to handle has antifreeze property. No need to fill gas-tank, oiling motors or hinge parts is enough for an unaffected long use. It is also connected with a 2o-inch width auger & 10-inch depth snow blower as claimed. It has a 180-degree rotatable chute with 60- or 90-degree snow hooters to unwrap snow till a deep-down driveway surface. Overall great to use.

Weight - 37.8 pounds
Options of color - Orange black combination

Reasons to buy

  • Have additional features from anti freezing materials to snow nuzzle/hooter
  • Heavy snow without slushiness can be pushed out from driveways
  • It protects the auger connected with an impeller and does not overload snow.

Reasons to unlist

  • Limited cord length
  • Not for heavy-duty purpose

6. PowerSmart Electric Start Gas Snow Blower, PSSAM24


A reliable 2-stage powerful snow blower PowerSmart PSSAM24 is a better choice for owners of large gravel ways for car landing covered with heavy snow. It cleans up a large portion of snow for its advantage of big size .24-inch width & 20-inch depth snow can be effortlessly cleaned up with its 212cc engine.

For convenience powerSmart have electric start with a best designed auger to pick up large chunks of in a minute & discharge chute capable of throwing snow up to 40ft away for even spread outside main road or grave ways.

It has 13inch exalted tire wheels, which can dig down in both slippery or normal gravel ways with strong grip. To differentiate ground gravel surface with down part machine there are alloy skid shoes to adjust in non-identical surfaces. Definitely one of best choice for large gravel driveway owners.

Weight - 143 pounds
Options of color - Red & black

Reasons to buy

  • 2-stage powerful snow blower
  • Auger designed to provide max. performance
  • 6-froward & 2-backward speed with dual active steering
  • Hassle-free start

Reasons to unlist

  • Very heavy
  • Occupy large space

7. Briggs & Stratton 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower, 1022


A well-structured snow blower with options to use manual power to fuel up the engine comes with many plus points. Clean 4-8-inch-thick snow with Briggs & Stratton single-stage model 1022. It has 22inch width auger assisted front part with power to deflect snow quickly. Plastic bodied discharge chute is rotatable to throw up snow at 30ft away. Use manual (gas, oil) power to set off this snow blower.

It has a 208cc engine of 950 snow series capable of snowing out 9.50 pound in a minute. Its OHV engine is designed to give high power even in extreme winter. Relying on Briggs & Stratton engine model 1022 can give your tension of thin to medium snow an absolute clearing Enjoy 3 years warranty.

Weight - 93 pounds
Options of color - black/red

Reasons to buy

  • Easy to change direction of discharge chute
  • Special designed engine
  • 3-year warranty
  • Auger driven snow blower
  • Easy to operate

Reasons to unlist

  • Limited usage
  • Difficult to use on hilly area
  • Double handed push able handle

8. Poulan Pro Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower, PR241


Gas fueled Poulan pro PR241 is a two-stage snow blower with 208cc efficient engine. From thin to heavy snow, Poulan pro can clear every snow in a two-step process. i)Augers cut down ice, ii) impeller blades pull snows & push it towards the chute. The engine is durable for 4 years just by correct maintenance.

Though gas powered but the engine uses LCT (liquid combustion technology) to produce fuel within to give service even in cold winter. the 24-inches width front part is made up of 12 inches and both auger & impeller can cut 23 inch depth deep down snow till actual gravel driveway. Augers have rubber blades. Experience 2 year warranty with rotatable discharge chute.

Weight - 240 pounds
Options of color - yellow combined with black

Reasons to buy

  • 2-stage snow blower with powerful impeller
  • Auger with ribbon blades have a long duration
  • Height can be regulated depending on terrain
  • Enhanced efficient auger
  • Upgraded handle steering
  • Designed rotatable chute

Reasons to unlist

  • High maintenance
  • Heavy snow blower to use

9. Earthwise Cordless Electric Snow Blower, SN74018


For snow of small lawns Earthwise SN74018 can pick up 12inch depth snow along with 18inch width. With Light-body, this snow blower is effortless for painful snow out though it needs to push to run. A 180degree rotatable chute makes your snow throw easier by throwing it 30ft away with a 4Ah brushless motor. Battery powered this snow blower takes 40volt electricity to start.

It has a 6-inch wheel, handles are user friendly with 2 LED lights. LED lights come with a free charger. Not indispensable to oil or fill gas as it is altered with battery power. It can move 500lbs ice per minute. If your patio, small lawn facing thin snow this winter, Earthwise SN74018 is handy with environmentally-friendly nature.

Weight - 35 pounds
Options of color - Green combined with black

Reasons to buy

  • Compact size so easy to keep anywhere in garage, house
  • No need to fill or change gas
  • No need of extra clearing tool for its brushless motor

Reasons to unlist

  • Bad battery backup
  • Needs high maintenance

10. Troy-Bilt Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower,Storm 3090


Double-staged 357cc gas OHV engine snow blower Troy-bilt storm 3090 have control steering. It can clear snow of a wide area up to 30inch width & 21inch deep on snowy ground. One hand operating steering is also available as an additional feature with headlight with reflective strips to work in gloomy days. Steering handles are specially featured to keep hands warm.

With 200-degree rotatable discharge chute spread snow out of your car pavement where you want. Wheels are made up of 16-inch x-tract tires for grip driving in slippery snow. Just triggered handles, snow blower will take turns easily. Steering & machine body are well made for a long life with a minimum 2 year guarantee.

Weight - 279 pounds
Options of color - red combined with black

Reasons to buy

  • Have additional features like-headlight, resistance rotatable chute
  • Highly durable
  • Dual-stage snow blower
  • Perfect for hilly area & large gravel driveways

Reasons to unlist

  • High maintenance cost
  • Have no clearing tool

Factors to consider before buying a snow blower

Shopping time:

You should buy things wisely. In the case of snow blowers, summers can help you a lot in saving your money. The majority of people purchase snow blowers after the first snowfall, because of which the company increases its rates due to high demand, and you have to buy them. So to avoid this problem, you should purchase a snow blower in summer or before winter starts.


Almost every brand offers adjustable chute with their snow blowers, but some chutes are not adjustable or can only adjust them before moving the blower, not while it's moving. So that might become a problem for you as if you want to change the direction of the chute, you'll need to stop the blower or collect all the snow in one direction.

Speed control:

Speed variations are also important in a snow blower especially in two and three stages. Most single-stage snow blowers are lightweight and easy to handle, so they don't need to have speed variations, but two-stage and three-stage snow blowers are big and heavy because of which they need to have different speed controls as due to their big sizes, it is not easy for everyone to push them and make the area clear and stop it after the work has done.

Wheel size:

Wheels are must-have features for heavy machines, but the size of wheels is also important, and in the case of the snow blower, the less the size of the wheel, the more the effort you'll need to apply. So buying a snow blower having about 6-7 inches of wheels size might be a good option. But for a two-stage or three snow blower, the wheels should also be able to make the grip on snow; otherwise, it might slip.

Auger :

An auger is a group of rotating blades placed in front of a snow blower that chops the snow and takes it inside, and then this snow is discharged from the chute with the help of an impeller. Most augers are made of plastics that cause the problem later, but on the other hand, the snow blowers having augers made of metal are good enough to handle any type of snow, whether it is hard snow, soft snow, or powdered snow.

Capacity :

Capacity basically refers to the amount of snow that a snow blower can blow in a minute, and for a good capacity, it must have a good cutting width and good snow collecting height. The wider the snow blower cutting width will be, the more area you can cover to clear your ways from the snow.

If a snow blower has a cutting width of about 17-18 inches, then it can be considered as good cutting width with a snow collecting height of at least 10 inches, which might be sufficient for a low snow fall area.

Power Source :

Snow blowers use different power sources battery, electricity and gas to run. If it is cordless snow blower then you should carry an extra battery so that you can use the other battery after the first one get discharged, and you don't have to wait for it to get charged completely. And if it is corded blower, then you can check whether its cord is long enough so that you don't face any problem on using it at a far distance from the power source.

And lastly, if it is gas blower then let me tell one thing about them that their gas contains ethanol in it which grabs water and settles into the bottom of the tank so when you go to start you're sucking up the water into the engine which is not good, so you can add fuel stabilizer to save your gas snow blower from this problem.


Durability- A snow blower needs to be highly durable for long time usage. Some of the most reliable brands on which you can trust are Ariens, Briggs & Stratton, Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Honda, Snow-joe, Earthwise, Husqvarna, Poulan Pro, Power Smart, Greenworks and Troy-Bilt. These famous and trusted brands among the field of snow blowers' last very long, but only if you use them carefully.

How to use a snow blower safely?

As you know, a snow blower is a powerful tool, and every power tool need to operate very safely. So there is a step by step tutorial to use a snow blower.

Step 1:

Speed variations are also important in a snow blower especially in two and three stages. Most single-stage snow blowers are lightweight and easy to handle, so they don't need to have speed variations, but two-stage and three-stage snow blowers are big and heavy because of which they need to have different speed controls as due to their big sizes, it is not easy for everyone to push them and make the area clear and stop it after the work has done.

Step 2:

For gas snow throwers, add fuel and make sure if the engine is cooled and if not, then wait for it to get cooled. And if your snow blower is old then there must be some fuel sitting at the bottom of the tank, just make sure to replace it with the fresh fuel.

Step 3:

Now adjust the discharge chute according to the wind and don't point it towards the motorists and pedestrians

Step 4:

Start the snow blower with tight hands and if it is electrical powered, then always keep the cable behind you. Now Start pushing it, and try to clear only snow and ice because sometimes the slush gets stuck into the auger and clogs it. And if it gets stucks then avoid to remove it by hands use a long stick instead with some distance.

Step 5:

After completing the work, try to turn off the machine quickly keep it safely in your garage or somewhere else where it is protected from your children.

In The End

We have covered a lot about snow blowers and considering the points and our suggestions listed above you can buy the best snow blower for gravel driveway. Just keep one thing in mind that all the products are not perfect and no matter how bad the rating of a product is, but if it is fulfilling your requirement, then it becomes best for you.
All these snow blowers come with all the necessary features that are required to remove snow from a gravel driveway. I hope this article has helped you in making your choice.