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8 Best Sander For Removing Paint From Wood & Walls - 2023 Updated Picks

Best sander for removing paint from wood and walls

Many types of sanders are available in the market. Still, for removing paint from wood and walls, you'll need to select it very wisely as their different shapes, sizes and price might confuse you that which one will suit your work and spending too much money without having proper knowledge of your sander only because of thinking that if it is expensive, then it has to be good is definitely not a good idea until it is not fulfilling your needs.

For removing paint, a sander should have enough power and must be comfortable to hold as if you have small tables and chairs to remove paint, it is fine, but if you need a sander for your shop or have to remove paint from a bulk of woods and large walls that might take hours, depending on how you have mastered the sanding art.

To solve this problem for you, we have a list of 8 best sanders for removing paint from wood and walls in different budgets. These are some of the best sanders available in the market today, and we have tried to cover almost everything about these sanders with the features, pros, and cons so that you guys don't make a mistake while choosing a perfect sander for you.

1. Makita Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag, 9903


The Makita 9903 3-inch-by-21-inch is a very quiet sander that doesn't irritate users with its noise as most other sanders do. It has a variable speed controller near the handle, which goes from one and up to five ranging from 690-1,440 ft./min to match the application's speed according to the user requirement.

It has a dust bag which collects dust very well. The bag has a bar that slides off the bag, and the bag totally opens, and you can shake the dust out in just a few seconds. You can use this tool for both wood and metal, and its 8.8 amp motor has enough power to remove any paint or rust from the surface of any material.

Its large front grip gives you great comfort while holding, which allows you to use this tool for a longer time without any problem. It also has an automatic belt adjusting system, which always keeps the belt in its stable position.

As this sander is designed for professional use, you'll need to use it very safely; otherwise, it might cause serious injuries and damage your wood or other material on which you are using it. Please use proper mask and glasses protection before using this heavy-duty sander. This tool is highly recommended.

Weight - 9.5 pounds
Options of color - Teal


  • Very quiet sander
  • Has ergonomic design
  • Adjustable speed of the belt
  • 8 amp powerful motor
  • Heavy-duty sander


  • It could have improved dust collection.
  • A bit pricy
  • Heavier than other sanders

2. Bosch Palm Sander with Dust Collector, ROS20VSC


This is a 5-inch random orbital sander that comes from a reputed brand Bosch. This Bosch Sander comes with a good quality soft carrying bag that helps you to carry it with its all parts wherever you need. If you use a full-sized shop vac style vacuum, you may need an adapter to enlarge the intake.

In that case, you can use an attachment that comes with this sander. This sander has a plastic filer case on its back, which does several things better than the standard bag style you find on most sanders. First, It does a much better job of catching the dust, so not a lot of dust escapes from this sander, which makes it a lot easier to work with as you don't have dust flying everywhere.

And the second thing this type of sander dust filtration system does is that it helps minimize fatigue in your hands because you don't have the additional resistance of feeling the flopping around of the dust bag and the contents of the dust or the dust that's in the bag moving around as you move the sander which is a pretty nice feature. The other thing that draws attention to this sander is its weight.

It weighs only 3.5 pounds, which made it lighter than the majority of the other sanders available on the market at this price point. This sander has a rubber coating on the handle, making this tool very easy to hold for any medium to large size hand and gives a comfortable paint removal experience.

Total Weight - 3.5 pounds
Options of color - Blue


  • Good quality carrying bag
  • Easy disk attachment system.
  • Have variable speed control
  • Excellent dust collection system
  • Very lightweight sander
  • Affordable and value for money product


  • Not a very powerful sander

3. BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch, BDERO100


BLACK+DECKER BDERO100 is the least expensive random orbital sander that you can buy. If you can't spend much and want a decent sander that can remove paint from tabletops, chairs, and other small furniture, this sander is highly recommended. As in this price segment, it has almost everything that can make your paint removal job done.

This 5 inches sander is very lightweight and weighs only 3.15 pounds, which is even less than Bosch's lightest sander. Its black part is made of rubber, which gives you a comfortable grip, and the orange part is made of hard plastic, which makes this tool highly durable and keeps the sander with you for a longer time. But before buying you need to consider some points about this sander.

One, you'll need to use a proper mask and goggle because its dust collection is something that might disappoint you. Sometimes the dust doesn't get pulled up properly into the bag, which can make your place mess and second don't forget to use hearing protection as it is very loud too. But in this price segment, you cannot expect much from a sander.

Weight - 3.14 pounds
Options of color - Black & Orange combination


  • Two years of warranty
  • Very cheap
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to hold the grip


  • Poor dust collection
  • Hard to use the on-off switch sometimes
  • Very loud

4. Wagner Spraytech Wagner PaintEater - Yellow, 0513040


The next sander in our list is a very famous tool for removing paint from wood and walls. This Spraytech Wagner 0513040 paint eater will not leave even a stain of paint. A sander needs to be compact and powerful. Its sleek design makes it different from other expensive and overrated sanders in the market, and its 3.2 amp powerful motor is good enough to do all the sanding and paint removal work very efficiently.

It has a retractable handle that helps you store this tool in less space after use, and its velcro strap gives you the advantage to hang this tool in your hand while working on a ladder. Its flex-disc system uses Spun fiber disc having abrasive technology that operates at 2,000 RPM for effective finish removal and gives you an ideal surface for repainting.

This tool is extremely lightweight and weighs only 3.5 pounds, so there will be no issue carrying it. Its attractive color combination makes this tool easy to locate, and its rugged body design gives this tool a longer life with no extra attachments.

This tool is backed up with Wagner 1 year limited warranty, which I'll say is a decent time-period. So, if you are looking for a sander that can handle wood, walls, concrete, steel, etc., you can go with this tool.

Weight - 3.5 pounds
Options of color - Yellow


  • 3.2 amp powerful motor
  • Lightweight design makes it extremely portable
  • Soft handle design for a comfortable grip
  • Arbor locks to change abrasive discs without tools easily
  • Sleek design and retractable handle for compact storage
  • Rugged Body for high durability


  • Due to its sleek design, it uses a small size disk
  • Don't have a dust collection bag

5. Bosch Power Tools Electric Orbital Sander, GET75-6N


Now, this a heavy-duty electric orbital sander from Bosch Power Tools, and if you are looking for a sander that lasts longer and delivers better results, this tool can give you both that you want. It is interchangeable between the random orbit sander mode and the turbo sander mode.

It's has got an excellent dust collection system and also has variable speed. It is a heavy sander having a real heft behind it, and when you flick it over the turbo mode, you really need to hang on to this machine, but you can use this on softwood, hardwood, end grain cutting boards, and even on walls without facing any issues.

On random orbit mode, the heft of the machine makes it very easy to get a nice, consistent finish and don't have to apply any pressure. It comes with a powerful 7. 5 amp variable speed motor having a no-load speed of 290-640 RPM and no-load orbit speed of 3300-7300 OPM, giving you more power and fast, smooth finishes on a variety of surfaces.

It includes a really handy carry case, which is a bit bulky, but if you're working out on-site, it's absolutely a great protection for your machine, and it has got enough room in it to carry some additional bits and pieces like sanding pads and even some replacement heads.

Weight - 5.7 pounds
Options of color - Green


  • Large disc size helps finish work faster
  • Built-in dust port for connection to the vacuum hose
  • Multi-hole pad system to use a variety of abrasive discs
  • Slim handle design gives you great comfort while holding
  • Auxiliary handle for easy control


  • Slightly heavier
  • A bit pricy

6. PORTER-CABLE 4.7 Amp Drywall Sander, 7800


Another sander in our best sanders for paint removal list is a drywall sander from the brand Porter-Cable. This tool is basically recommended for professional workers who need to do a lot of sanding and paint removal work from walls and woods where they can't reach easily. It has a swivel head, which makes it very easy to maintain a smooth pattern across a wall or ceiling.

It has also got a variable speed dial setting from 1,400 to 2,000 RPM. Its 13 foot long and 1-1/4 inches wide vacuum hose allows you to connect it with any dust collection system and helps to cover a large area of the wall in just a few minutes without the hassle of throwing the dust out again and again like a regular sander needs.

This tool weighs 8.5 pounds, which is lighter compared to many heavy-duty drywall sanders. The big advantages of this porter cable drywall sander are that it's a higher quality brand, so it's going to stay longer with you and do a better job.

The other is that it is well balanced as the motor is placed towards the bottom as most drywall sanders have motors just below their sanding pad, which makes it very difficult to handle but with this tool, you'll not going to face any problem like that. This is also one of the best sander for exterior paint removal tasks.

Weight - 8.5 pounds
Options of color - Black


  • Perfect heavy duty tool for wall and woods.
  • Built-in dust collection hose.
  • Well balanced which gives you easy handling
  • Allows you to sand wide area without changing positions
  • Orbits/Min: Variable 1,400-2,000 rpm


  • Expensive

7. DEWALT Random Orbit Sander - 5 Inch, DWE6421K


Dewalt is a very famous brand, and its products never disappoint users when it comes to quality and performance. If you need a smoothly sanded surface or simply need to remove material in-between finish coating. In that case, nothing can beat a random orbital sander, and this Dewalt random orbit sander is one of the best sanders for removing paint from wood and walls.

There are two major things that you guys should know about this sander. First, it's part of Dewalt's perform and protect line, a line that basically focuses on user health and safety, and this particular sander is designed to reduce dust and vibration. To minimize vibration, they designed a separate and internal counterweight that provides less vibration and allows more comfort and control.

It has a very well-designed and comfortable over-mold handle, which makes this sander really nice to use. Dust is a major health issue, especially while sanding. This sander has two methods of collecting dust. The first is the attached dust collection bag, and the other is the vacuum connector.

Its vacuum connector fits very nicely in most of the shop vacs, and it is incredibly efficient at collecting dust. This 5 inches sander weighs only 4 pounds and has a well-balanced design, making it easy to handle even for a beginner. And lastly, it comes with the three years of huge Dewalt warranty.

Weight - 4 pounds
Options of color - Yellow


  • 3 years warranty
  • Rubber overmold for a comfortable grip
  • In-built dust-sealed switch
  • Comes with 3 amp powerful motor that spins the pad at 12,000 OPM
  • Vibrates way less than other sanders


  • The pad is plastic, not metal
  • Sometimes get stop when too much pressure applied

8. Chicago Pneumatic Mini Random Orbital Sander Kit, CP7200S


Let's end this paint removal sanders list by talking about Chicago Pneumatic CP7200S Mini Random Orbital Sander Kit. It comes in a very compact case that seems to be of decent quality, making it highly portable. This kit includes one 50 mm and 75 mm backing pad, ten 50 mm 320, 400, and 600 grit sandpaper, one spindle key, and of course, a heavy-duty carrying case.

If you are a shop owner or already own an air compressor, then you can definitely go with this sander, but if you don't have one, then you might need to drop the idea of buying it or buy an air compressor also with it which I think most of you will not go for.

Like other powerful electrical sanders, it also has a rubber molded grip, which gives you a comfortable sanding experience, and an adjustable speed regulator to change the speed according to the user requirements.

It comes with a two-finger throttle, which makes it very easy to control and keep your hands away from fatigue. This kit worth the price and has well-built construction, which makes this tool highly durable.

Total kit Weight - 1.5 pounds
Options of color - Red


  • Very lightweight
  • It gives you easy access in tight spaces
  • Comes with adjustable speed regulator
  • Silenced handle exhaust
  • Includes a heavy-duty carrying case


  • Need an air compressor

What is Sander?

In simple words, a sander is a power tool that uses sandpaper that rotates or vibrates back and forth on the surface of any material to make it smooth. The sandpaper is attached to the sander pad, which is a part of the sander placed at the bottom.

If we talk about the sander according to the power required to make them work, then these are of two types: Electrical and Pneumatic. The electrical one has a cord that needs an electrical connection or extension board. On the other hand, the pneumatic sander requires an air compressor.

Types of sander for wood

Disc Sander:

A disc sander is a stationary sanding machine whose sandpaper is attached to a high speed rotating machines that rotates with a motor's help. One of the advantages of disc sander is that it has a circle, so the outside edge spins more quickly than the part closest to the middle, so you can adjust your workpiece to where you need it depending on how fast you want to remove stock or perhaps how prone it is to burning if you have a species that's likely to burn you would work closer to the middle where the speed is slower and if you need some aggressive stock removal, work towards the edge.

It has a little arrow at the layer covering the disc, which shows the direction of the rotation of the disk. You always want to work so that the disc press downward, keeping your workpiece on the table.

Detail Sander:

Most sanders are not able to work properly in corners then the detail sanders come into action. These sanders have a triangular sanding pad to which a triangular piece of sander paper is attached. The pad vibrates back and forth rapidly to give you a perfect finishing at the corners where Where other sanders do not even reach. If you use a detail sander for the whole workpiece, then you'll need to spend more time and effort with it.

Standard Orbital Sander:

Two types of orbital sanders are available on the offline as wells as the online market today. One is the standard orbital sander, and the other is a random orbital sander. Standard orbital sanders sanding pads are normally square or rectangle in shape, due to which they use sandpaper according to these shapes.

They also have two different types. One uses one-fourth of nine by eleven standard-sized sandpaper, which gives the user an advantage to use the other three pieces of sheet later for further use. And the other uses haft of the sandpaper at a time, which gives only one extra piece of sandpaper for further use.

All these sanders have a sanding pad to which the sandpaper sheets are attached. Standard orbital sanders are only able to rotate, because of which some do not clear the material properly.

Random Orbital Sander:

Standard orbital sanders are not able to remove a lot of material quickly. So, here comes the upgraded version of the orbital sander called Random Orbital Sander. These sanders are also called DA (Dual Action) Orbital Sanders because of their ability to rotate and vibrate at the same time.

Random Orbital Sanders have a round sanding pad because of which they take round sandpapers. It can use two types of sanding disc. One is a velcro paper disc which you can use with water too, and the other is a sticky pad which you can use only for dry sanding, and it will start losing its gum if you'll use it in water, which is also a disadvantage of the sticky pad.

If you ever open your random orbital sander, you'll notice that it has a small round metal piece that is not in the middle because which causes it to rotate.

Drywall Sander:

Drywall sanders are used for sanding ceilings and walls and for removing paint and paper posters from old walls. A high-speed rotating disk is attached to a long pole, held by the user allowing them to do sanding at the height by sanding on the ground.

These sanders are not recommended for beginners as due to their large size and heavyweight, it is not easy to control them, and the risk of injury is also high. These are mostly used by professionals and are much expensive than any other hand-held sander.

Buying guide for buying the best sander for paint removal

Hand Grips:

Most people never pay attention to their sander's grip while buying, and sometimes they regret it later. If you want to use your sander for hours, then your sander should have an ergonomic design handle. Ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold, give you a soft grip on your tool, and don't let you feel fatigued in your hands.

Dust Collection:

Sander loves to blow a lot of dust, which is very harmful to any user. So a good collection system not only controls that dust but also keeps you away from its hazardous effects. Usually, a sander features two types of dust collection systems. One is a simple dust collecting bag, and the other is an external dust collection system with a vacuum hose.

But most of the sanders only have a small pouch dust collection system because of which, if someone does dusting on walls or large woods, he has to empty the dust bag again and again, which is more effort taking and time-consuming.


A good sander has speed variations that allow a user to increase or decrease its speed according to their requirement to give you a safe and comfortable sanding experience. Sometimes a slow-moving sander can work better than a fast-moving sander.

For instance, suppose you are removing paint from a wood piece, if you use your sander at high speed, it will remove the paint faster undoubtedly, but due to the faster movement, it will also sand your wood and make that area uneven if not using correctly that's why you need to slow-down your sander's speed.


It depends on the size of a sander that how fast you can remove the paint from your wood and walls. The larger the sander pad's size, the less time it will take to complete your paint removal work. But a large size also means more weight, which is a disadvantage, as it is tough to operate a bulky or heavy sander compared to the lighter one.

The less the sander's weight, the more comfortably you will be able to handle it. So, if you want to remove paint from your wood and walls efficiently, you should go with a lightweight sander. An ideal sander has 4-5 pounds of weight, and if it's less, that's great.