Last Modified on July 26, 2020

Top 8 Best Mini Tool Kit With Hammer

1. Hi-Spec 48 Piece Household Tool Kit

 Hi-Spec 86 Piece Household Tool Kit


This 48 pieces multi-tool kit from the brand hi-spec is suitable for every type of DIY work. The kit includes two all-purpose multi-tools in which one of them is a large 14-in-1 multi-tool, and the other is an all-in-1 bike repair tool, which saves the user time and makes everyday maintenance easier and faster.

The blue color of the tools makes them stylish and grab attention while carrying. If you have a tool kit, you don't need to worry about unexpected situations like cutting, opening, tightening, unscrewing, or any other similar activity.

The tool kit is perfect for any emergency, outdoors, and camping purposes. The main thing about the set, which is a hammer, quality is very good. The company provides measuring tools, kitchen scissors, nylon cable, and 2 in 1 t-bar ratcheting handles with driver bits. The case quality is also decent as you can carry it very easily.

Key Features

  • ✅ 48 Piece Starters DIY Tool Kit
  • ✅ Vibrant cool-blue styling
  • ✅ Easy-carry tool box
  • ✅ Stainless steel body
  • ✅ T-Bar Ratcheting Handle & Driver Bits
  • ✅ All-In-1 Bike multi-tool
  • ✅ Detachable double-sided bit holder

Product Details

Company Hi-Spec
Dimensions 9.84 x 5.91 x 2.24 inches
Model No. DT90101-US
Weight 4.14 pounds
Number Of Pieces 48
Batteries Required No

2. Apollo Tools DT0773N1 Household Tool Kit, 135-Piece

Apollo Tools DT0101 Travel & Automotive Tool Kit, 64-Piece


Apollo is an American brand which is famous for household and automotive tools. This kit contains 135 pieces, which are enough for everyday use.

The set includes a fastener set( 100 pieces), a utility knife, 4.8-volt cordless screwdriver, a scissor, screwdriver bits, claw hammer, four precision screwdrivers, electrical tape, long nose pliers, plastic magnetic level, measuring tape, adjustable wrench, recharger, a putty knife, and a rugged carrying case.

This apollo tool kit has a unique color scheme. The company called it a charming pink color, which looks very attractive in hands. The tools are perfect for a DIYer who loves to do the house works on their own. Overall, it is a decent toolset for the price, and you cannot expect heavy-duty tools in this segment.

Key Features

  • ✅ For light- and medium-duty projects
  • ✅ Neatly stored and easy to find tools
  • ✅ Easy to carry with its built-in handle
  • ✅ 4.8 volt cordless screwdriver
  • ✅ Chrome plated to resist corrosion
  • ✅ Non-slip comfort grip handles for extra torque
  • ✅ Lifetime Guarantee
  • ✅ 1 yr Guarantee for cordless screwdriver

Product Details

Company Apollo
Part Number DT0773N1
Dimensions 10 x 14 x 3 inches
Part Number DT0101
Color Red
Weight 6.63 pounds
Size 135 pc
Batteries 4 Product Specific batteries required. (included)
Material Plastic, Steel
Batteries Cell Type NiCAD
Color Pink

3. Prostormer 120-Piece Home Repair Tool Set

prostormer 120-Piece Home Repair Tool Set


This PROSTORMER mini tool kit with hammer comes with 120-pieces, is a complete set for home repair, garage, dorm, and office purposes. These tools' quality is very good as the company has concentrated on high-quality steel to make the tools highly durable and corrosion resistance.

The tools handles are made of TRP( Thermoplastic Rubber - having the properties of both plastic and rubber) material and making the tools lightweight, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and more comfortable.

The tools come inside a blow-molded toolbox that looks very nice in hand and contains all the separate spaces for each tool. The best thing about the kit is that you can buy it and check everything you want. If you find something wrong or the kit does not meet your requirement, you can return it within 30 days, which I think most companies do not offer.

Key Features

  • ✅ High-quality steel manufacturing
  • ✅ Chrome finish, durable and corrosion resistance
  • ✅ Handles made of TPR material
  • ✅ Portable tool kit
  • ✅ All tools meet or exceed ANSI standard.
  • ✅ 1-year warranty, life-time technical support

Product Details

Company Prostormer
Dimensions 12.99 x 9.45 x 3.15 inches
Weight 6.98 pounds
Size 120 pc
Batteries Required No
Material Cr-V Steel

4. POPOMAN 102PCS Hand Tool Kit

POPOMAN 102PCS Hand Tool Kit


This 102 piece tools kit from the brand POPOMAN contains a claw hammer, adjustable wrench, utility knife, knife blade, ratchet wrench, slotted screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, screw rod, flashlight, wire pliers, long nose pliers, measuring tape, angle wrenches, bits, and a much more.

This tool kit is recommended for the handyman, maintenance specialists, mechanics, and construction workers. I would say that hammer quality is very good. The handle is made of steel pipe, making the hammer more durable than others with a rubber grip.

The box contains chambers for all the tools that help the user to take the needed tool quickly and keep all the tools in their place. The tools are made from high-grade steel, which makes them highly durable than any other tool.

Key Features

  • ✅ Having necessary tools for daily use
  • ✅ Steel pipe handle claw hammer with rubber grip
  • ✅ Adjustable wrench and ratchet spanner
  • ✅ Size printed on tips for easy identification
  • ✅ Sockets don't fall off and slip from position
  • ✅ Chrome plated to resist corrosion
  • ✅ Non-slip comfort grip handles

Product Details

Dimensions 15.3 x 12.7 x 3.3 inches
Part No. 102 Tool Set
Weight 8.73 pounds
Number Of Pieces 102 pc
Material Stainless Steel
Batteries Required No

5. DEKOPRO 158 Piece Tool Set

DEKOPRO 158 Piece Tool Set


DEKOPRO name will always be taken whenever there will be a list of the tool set. It is a brand that is well known for its hand tools. This kit contains everything that is needed for automotive and household maintenance. If you love fixing stuff by yourself, then you cannot hate this tool set.

This 158 pieces toolset can handle any job easily where most of the other tools kit may quit. When it comes to quality, like other tool kits of the segment, this set is also made from high-quality steel with highly durable and corrosion resistance. The kit also meets ANSI(American National Standards Institute) standards.

The set contains a hammer, measuring tape, drive sockets, ratchet, adjustable wrench, combination wrenches, and much more. Just keep in mind that you'll need to open the kit carefully. Sometimes while using it in a hurry, the tools might come out from their position, creating the problem while selecting a tool.

Key Features

  • ✅ High-quality steel
  • ✅ Strong and durable
  • ✅ Perfect for Handyman’s, mechanics, body shops etc
  • ✅ Super load-bearing
  • ✅ No longer easily separated.
  • ✅ Precision screwdriver makes repairs more precise

Product Details

Dimensions 15.5 x 11 x 3.5 inches
Number Of Pieces 158 pc
Weight 9.88 pounds
Batteries Required No

6. Apollo Tools DT8422 144-Piece Household Tool Set

Apollo Tools DT8422 Household Tool Kit


This apollo mini tool kit with hammer has all the necessary items for everyday use. The kit is great according to the price and contains everything a user may require for basic repairs. If you are a noob, don't know anything about tools, and want to buy a complete set only for home purposes, you should definitely go with this apollo tool kit.

3-4 items of this kit keep falling when you open the box, which sometimes may irritate you, but I think 3-4 items is not a big issue. But if it a big issue for you, then you can check other tool kits. The only drawback of this kit is its blow-molded case.

The case holds the items very well, but It might irritate you if you hang it in your hand for a long time. And the quality of the handle seems like the company has neglected the importance of the handle. But again, in this price segment, you cannot expect much, and, for home purposes, you'll need the tools, not the toolbox to hold for a long time.

Key Features

  • ✅ 4.8V cordless screwdriver
  • ✅ Screwdriver comes with 20 useful bits
  • ✅ Tools are secure, clean, organized and easy to find.
  • ✅ Manufactured from high-grade steel alloy
  • ✅ Last lifetime under normal use.
  • ✅ Comfortable handles

Product Details

Company Apollo
Dimensions 13 x 16 x 4 inches
Model No. DT8422
Weight 6.7 pounds
Size 45 pc
Number Of Pieces 144
Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage 4.8 Volts
Batteries Cell Type NiCAD

7. Apollo Tools Complete Household Tool Kit

Apollo Tools DT0773 Household Tool Kit


This apollo tool kit is specially designed for household purposes. The tools are secure and don't fall from their positions. The cordless screwdriver quality is acceptable. It takes about 3-4 hours to charge completely and lasts a long time. You'll need to be careful while using the screwdriver as it has no safety lock.

Don't press the power button if you are not ready to use it. This kit can handle many household activities like hanging pictures on the wall, cutting the unwanted wires, tight or loose the screws of the device, drilling small holes, and much more. The red color of the kit gives it a premium look. The case design is something that you'll love the most.

It keeps all the tools on their place very well, and tools don't fall when you open the kit. I think it should also have a mechanic driver just in case the electric one doesn't work well. The needle-nose pliers have a plastic handle, which sometimes may slip from the hand.

Key Features

  • ✅ 135 Pieces Set
  • ✅ Easy to use and portable
  • ✅ Perfect for gifting
  • ✅ Cordless screwdriver with 1 yr Warranty
  • ✅ Made from high quality plastic and steel

Product Details

Company Apollo
Dimensions 20.5 x 15.5 x 4.8 inches
Part Number DT0773
Model No. DT0773
Weight 6.15 pounds
Color Red
Material Plastic, Steel
Power Source Battery
Warranty Description Lifetime Warranty on Hand Tools, One Year Warranty on Power Tools

8.SAVWAY P7994 Complete Mini Tool Kit With Hammer

SAVWAY mini tool kit with hammer


This 143 pieces tool kit from SAVWAY is lightweight, easy to carry, and specially designed for women for common household purposes. The carrying case quality is very good, and despite having so many tools, it doesn't seem that there is a lot of weight in it.

The company has made this kit in such a way that the entire weight is equally distributed on all sides of the set. So that keeping it in your hand for too long will not be a problem. The best thing about this whole tool set is the claw hammer. Its quality is very good.

It is a single-piece design made from one of the best quality of steel in the industry. If I talk about the grip, it is polymer grips that add ergonomics and decrease vibration while using the hammer. Everything is good about the tool kit, but the drilling quality could have been better.

Key Features

  • ✅ Meets ANSI critical standards.
  • ✅ Strong and Durable
  • ✅ Time saving DIY tools
  • ✅ Sturdy compact storage case
  • ✅ Adjustable wrenches, long nose pliers,claw hammer
  • ✅ Chrome finish makes corrosion resistance

Product Details

Dimensions 14.1 x 9.2 x 3.4 inches
Color Red & Black
Weight 5.5 pounds
Material Carbon Steel
Batteries Required Yes
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