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Top 6 Best Drill For Ice Auger in 2023: Best Cordless Drills

Best Drill For Ice Auger

The drilling machine(drill) is used for many purposes like making a hole in walls, driving screws, mixing the paint and concrete, grind the metal surface to remove rust and one of the most famous uses of a drill is to make holes in the ice for fishing and to capture the underwater life with a camera.

But to do that, you need a powerful and comfortable to hold drill that can dig your holes faster than any other tool. So if you are looking for the best cordless drill for an ice auger, this blog will help you a lot.

If you do fishing occasionally, you can use a hand auger to make these holes, but that might take a lot of effort, and it is a much time-consuming method too. Another way to make fishing holes is by power augur, but again that will be dedicated entirely to fishing. You cannot use it for other purposes as a drill can be used. That's why it is best to buy a drill so that you can use it at your home also when needed.

1. Makita 18V LXT BL Hammer Drill Kit, XPH07MB


For an ice auger, your drill should be comfortable to use, and this Makita's battery-powered drill is one of the best heavy-duty drills you can buy. It weighs 6 pounds, which is not very lightweight, but it is well balanced and doesn't feel too heavy in hands, so, considering the power and performance, its weight is acceptable.

If we talk about its dimensions, then it has 5.6 inches of length, 19.7 inches of breadth, 14.5 inches of height, which I think is not compact, but again for a powerful drill that can handle everything from driving screws to ice auger, you can consider this tool in your buying list.

Its BL brushless motor can deliver 1,090-inch pounds of torque, which can drive any auger in ice in very less time and does not allow the drill to heat up even after a long time of use. It is difficult to grip many powerful drills, but there will be no such problem with this hammer drill as it has a soft rubberized grip on both of its handles.

It might be difficult sometimes if you wish to go fishing at night, but with its dual LED light, this drill can give you clear visibility at the portion you are going to drill your fishing hole, or you can also use these LED lights in dark areas at your home.

Weight - 6 pounds
Options of color - Blue


  • Rubberized soft grip on both handles
  • Strong brushless motor
  • Dual LED lights for a clear view in dark areas
  • Speed: 2100 RPM
  • Has LED Battery charge level indicator
  • Dual variable speed


  • Low quality carrying case
  • Average Chuck quality

2. Milwaukee Electric Tools Hammer Drill Kit, 2804-22


Milwaukee 2804-22, another powerful hammer drill in our best cordless drill for ice auger list. This tool becomes the beast when it comes to digging holes in ice slabs. Its power state brushless is specially built for the M18 fuel 1/2 inches hammer drills, which can provide 60% more power than any other cordless drill.

Its brushless motor has a max torque of 1,200 inch-pound with a speed of 2,000 BPM, which can help you a lot in finishing any type of work immediately. Most cordless drills have LED lights near the trigger, but this drill has the light on its base that doesn't create too much difference in lighting the dark spaces.

It is powered by Red lithium XC5.0 Battery, which can give you more working time in a single charge, which is already included with the drill, so you don't have to pay extra money to buy the batteries after purchasing this kit.

Its 6.9 inches length makes this tool compact and helps you dig the ice very comfortably, and with its high-quality case, you can carry it wherever you want but after considering the weight of this kit, which is 13 pounds. In simple words, we can say that it is the best Milwaukee drill for ice auger.

Total Weight - 13 pounds
Options of color - Red


  • Compatible with all M18 batteries
  • Gives 60% more power with a single charge
  • Compact and easy to hold the grip
  • Comes with LED lighting
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Torque: 1,200 in-lbs & Speed: 2000 RPM


  • Very large case
  • A bit pricy

3. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill, DCD996B


Next, we have a DeWalt drill for the ice auger. If you are looking for a lightweight cordless drill that can be used for ice auger and can handle heavy-duty work at construction sites, then this DeWalt 20V Max XR Hammer drill can fulfill both your requirements.

This tool is extremely lightweight compared to other heavy-duty cordless drills and gives you an overall good performance than them. It has a three-speed transmission, which you can use for different tasks like; for ice auger, you can set it to high speed and for other stuff like to drive the screw in wood you can slow down the speed to get a precise fitting.

You might like the fact that it has a half-inch ratcheting chuck, which is made of metal as a lot of drills nowadays, mostly the entry-level that comes under 100 bucks have the plastic chucks, not that they're bad, but metal is more heavy-duty and longer-lasting than any plastic chuck.

It features the brightest three-mode LED light that lasts for about 20 minutes. Its rubber handle consists of layers that help a user hold this tool tightly and don't allow it to slip from hands. The major drawback of this tool is that you don't get any battery or charger with it. So, you'll need to pay the extra money and buy it separately.

Weight - 4 pounds
Options of color - Yellow


  • Side handle can rotate in every direction
  • Brightest LED light
  • 1/2″ all-metal ratcheting chuck
  • 3-speed transmission
  • 0 38,250 BPM for fast drilling in masonry materials


  • No battery or charger included
  • Large in size

4. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Drill/Driver Kit, CMCD700C1


Craftsman is an American brand that is providing its services since 1927, and its products are highly reliable, affordable, and recommended by professionals. If you don't want to spend your money on heavy-duty or expensive, this CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Drill is for you, which comes under an affordable price segment.

This 1/2 inches battery-powered drill has a high-performance motor that can produce 280 unit watts out to complete a wide array of jobs like driving the screws, making small to big holes in wood pieces, mix paint or concrete. Also, it can make a fishing hole in just a few seconds.

For driving screws in wood or some other soft material, you sometimes need to slow down your drill bit speed, and with its two-speed gearbox, you can do it with ease. Its 1/2 inches chuck doesn't require any key to change its bit, saving your time and giving you the advantage to change its bits faster without any hassle than most old drill models.

In this price segment, you cannot expect much from this drill. The company has tried to give everything that a decent drill should have. This kit also includes a 20V max lithium-ion battery with high-performance cells for increased performance. You might need to spend some time to get used to it.

Many people thought that the craftsman tools have a lifetime warranty because their hand tools have a lifetime warranty, but their power tools have a limited warranty, and this drill is backed up with three years of warranty.

Weight - 5.2 pounds
Options of color - Red


  • Value for money product
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Includes LED lights
  • Weighs 2.7 lbs without battery
  • Speed: 0-350/0-1500 RPM


  • Not for heavy-duty purpose
  • No case included

5. Ridgid 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Hammer Drill, R86116


This Ridgid 18V Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill is very famous for ice auger usage. The orange portion of this drill is made of tough plastic, and then the entire gray portion is a softer rubber overmold. Now that extends the whole way around the grip.

They also have a little bumper built on the side, so when you set it down on a flat surface, only the rubber will be touching it, and it's not going to move around and not going to scratch anything. The battery is going to be on a slide rail system like all their other 18 volt tools.

You'll need to press the button on the side to release the battery. On the left and right-hand side of the drill, it has little tabs which you can rotate up and down and change the different settings. You can use the clutch setting to really fine-tune the amount of power you're putting through to it.

You can go from one all the way up over one hundred and just one rotation to really fine-tune whatever you're working on and prevent yourself from overdriving, under the driving, or stripping something out. Its side handle is very easy to install and remove. If you want to position it in a different position depending on how you're holding the drill, you can do that as it has multiple clamping points the whole way around.

So whether you're right-handed or left-handed, you can adjust it very quickly to suit your needs. Ridgid also includes a metal belt clip and mounting screw along with the drill that can be installed on either side according to your requirement.

Weight - 4.27 pounds
Options of color - Gray Combined With Orange


  • Have ergonomic grip for a comfortable grip
  • Adjustable clutch with 100 positions settings
  • Easy to assemble the side handle
  • LED light with independent switch
  • 750 in-lbs max torque
  • Very comfortable to use


  • No battery and charger included
  • Average battery life
  • Not for heavy-duty use

6. Ryobi One+ 18V Lithium Ion Hammer Drill, P251


Last but not least, drill, in our best cordless drills' list comes from the brand Ryobi. It has three different modes, like most hammer drills. It's got a drilling mode where it's just like a regular drill. It's got a screw driving mode, which uses the 24 position clutch to max out the torque if your driving screws don't want to overdrive them.

It's got a hammer mode. The drill has two speeds, which you can select with a switch up top one and two, which correspond to 410 rpm and 1800 rpm. Two is going to be your high-speed, low torque one is your low-speed high torque.

The drill also has a brushless motor, which gives you more power than other brushed motor drills that means you're going to get longer runtime per battery. The torque on this drill is 750-inch pounds, which is pretty decent, but it is not super compact for that amount of torque.

It also has a magnetic bit holder near the base of the tool where you can keep the bits. The front does have an LED light at the bottom and shines up, which is good because it gives you more of an area of illumination. It's got a pretty much standard forward and reverse switch in a middle locking position.

The trigger is the variable speed. It has a good range on it you can go slow or fast according to your need. This drill does have an extra set of contacts at the base of the battery connection, which the high-performance Ryobi batteries have, but the old 4 amp hours do not. So you will be able to get a little bit more power in this tool.

Total kit Weight - 3.93 pounds
Options of color - Yellow-green


  • Comes with three drilling modes
  • Inbuilt magnetic bit holder
  • Dual-position side handle
  • Sufficient torque to an ice auger
  • Have a good battery backup


  • Not very compact like other drill having 750 in-lbs of torque
  • Only 90 days limited warranty

Know Your Drill

The most common sizes of cordless drills are 3/8 and 1/2 inch. These dimensions are referring to how wide the jaws open up to accept a bit. Almost all cordless drills have what is known as a keyless chuck, meaning that you don't need any other tool to tighten the chuck. You can simply do it by hand.

Most drills come with two main features the gear selector switch and torque control. The gear selector switch allows you to have control over how fast the drill spins. Number one sets the drill at the lowest speed and Number two at the highest speed.

Why is that important? Well, it gives you more control over specific tasks. For instance, if you're drilling holes, then the higher speed is ideal, but on the other hand, if you're installing screws that are small and acquire a little bit more caution, having the lower speed would be more ideal.

The cordless drill's main parts are the battery pack, the outer housing, trigger, reverse switch, motor, handle, and chuck, including the jaws.

Why Cordless Drill?

The main reasons for using a cordless drill in Ice fishing is its compact size and portability. As they are very lightweight and compact, you don't need to carry wires or any other fuel while going for fishing. These drills don't require any type of maintenance or oiling as the other gas powered drill requires. The cordless drills are environment friendly and are very quiet, so you can also use them without using a hearing gear, but it is not always recommended.

Most people hesitate to buy a cordless drill because of its battery performance. They want their drill work all day and think it will not last for the whole day due to its battery. As technology has improved, and after the tools have started using lithium-ion batteries, the performance has changed a lot.

Due to their high performance and long-lasting life, these battery prices are slightly higher, which sometimes makes cordless drill even more expensive than corded and any other power drills.

Buying Guide For The Best Drill For Ice Auger

Brushless Motor:

If your drill features a brushless motor, then it is a plus point of your tool. As the brushless motor sense the amount of power needed for a drilling task and delivers the right amount, which increased the drill's overall performance and lasts its battery for a long time. A brushless motor has more power and speed compared to any brushed motor. But because of these specifications, these motors are slightly expensive.


Most power tools' handles are made of plastic, which sometimes is not comfortable to hold, especially if you are holding them for a longer time. A good handle must be the first priority for any power tool, so in the case of drill too. A good handle means that it should be made of rubber or at least have a rubber coating on it, which provides maximum control to the user and allows the user to hold it comfortably for longer jobs.


In simple words, The torque is the force that makes the drill attachment to rotate. The more torque your drill will generate, the faster you can dig your fishing hole. For an ice auger, a drill should have at least 650 pounds per inch of torque. But remember, the more torque means, the more tightly you'll need to hold the drill; otherwise, it might cause serious injury.

Magnetic Storage Area:

Most drills contain a special magnetic area under the handle to which screws and nuts get stick. This magnetic storage comes in handy when you are drilling at some altitude from the ground, so you don't need to pick the screws one by one by going down. You can simply take some screws and stick them to the drill's magnetic storage area. If you need the drill only for fishing hole purposes, then you can neglect this factor.


A good battery takes about one hour or less to charge completely and lasts for six hours minimum. Not only the battery backup, but you should also check the type of battery your drill is using. The two most common types of batteries used by most of the cordless power tools are NiCad and Lithium-Ion. NiCad batteries are much heavier than any lithium-ion battery, and NiCad battery tools are also very bulky and heavy than any lithium-ion battery-powered tool.

When you charge a lithium-ion battery, it stays charged, but with the old fashioned NiCad battery, they tend to discharge if they're not in use. So, in short, you should go with a lithium-ion battery because it is lightweight and long-lasting but only after keeping in mind that it is expensive.


Weight directly impacts the handling of a drill. It is very important to check the weight of the drill you are going to buy. If your drill is not heavy, you can handle and carry it with you without any problem, but on the other hand, if it has too much weight, it sometimes might be challenging for you to handle, and you might feel fatigue in your hands while carrying it. An ideal cordless drill weighs around 4 pounds. So you should check if your drill weighs around that or even less will be better.


Here we have two conclusions. First, If you want to buy a drill only for an ice auger, you can go with any cordless drill listed above according to your budget. But if you are a DIYer, you should look for a drill that can handle everything, whether it is an ice auger or driving the screws and making holes on walls. And for that purpose, DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill or Makita 12V MAX CXT Lithium-Ion Driver-Drill Kit can solve all your problems.