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Top 5 Best Dead Blow Hammer In 2023

Dead blow hammers, plastic hammers, and rubber hammers, these are the three most common types of nonmetallic sticks. They're convenient in a variety of industries automotive service.

Dead blow hammers work because they usually have their metal cases ink internally, and inside the head is a hollow cavity of you know in zinc. It has a bunch of beads in it sometimes, and it usually varies.

They're you know metal beads. Still, others which are to use different materials, but for the most part, they're just filled with little metal beads, and you can hear it shaking around.

They do that because the mass is separated from the body of the hammer, so when you hammer you, swing back all the beads, go to the backside, and then hit the surface, all the beads shift to the front.

It prevents them from wanting to bounce off that's why they call it a dead blows because when you hit it tends to want to stop it lands kind of like suspension on a bicycle or on a car it goes down on a bump, and it just falls it doesn't want to bounce off, and that's great.

1. Neiko 02847A Dead Blow Hammer, Neon Orange

Neiko 02847A 2 LB Dead Blow Hammer


Neiko's name will be taken whenever the Dead Blow Hammer list will mention. Its unique color, design, and performance make it different from others. It contains small steel balls inside the head, which add extra force and eliminates rebound, making it an ideal auto bodywork device. This tool doesn't harm surfaces like a rubber mallet or any other hammer.

The company has made many versions of this dead blow hammer. If you want to buy one for heavy work, then you should go with a 4 pounds version, but if you want it for household usage, then 2 pounds version must be sufficient for you.

If we talk about its handle, then its 2lb version has a diameter of 2.85inches X 2.15 inches. The diamond textured grip at the bottom makes it perfect for holding and keeps the hammer in hands after striking the surface. Overall it is a good device, and considering the price, it is the best among all five; that's why it is on the top of our list.

Key Features

  • ✅ Steel shot filled head
  • ✅ Eliminates rebound & spark
  • ✅ Ideal for auto body work
  • ✅ Unicast poly molded body
  • ✅ Diamond textured non-slip handle grip
  • ✅ Bright color makes easy to locate

Product Details

Company Ridgerock Tools Inc.
Dimensions 3.94 x 13.39 x 0.21 inches
Model No. 02847A
Weight 3.24 pounds
Batteries Required No

2. SATA ST92901SC 35mm Dead Blow Hammer

SATA ST92901SC 35mm Dead Blow Hammer


This dead blow hammer from SATA, a company of Taiwan, is quite decent when it comes to the performance. Like other dead blow hammers, it also contains a small steel ball bearing in the head, which reduces the rebound. It is a perfect tool for sensitive works.

It is made of polyurethane, versatile material and commonly used to make everyday household items and machinery. The material is highly durable and resistant to many solvents, including gas, brake fluid, and antifreeze also.

It is very lightweight and looks very nice in hands, and the grips make it very comfortable to hold while working. The major disadvantage of this item is that the company provides only 30 days warranty on the hammer from the purchase, which I think is not sufficient. Overall this is another good option in this price segment.

Key Features

  • ✅ Steel ball bearings in head
  • ✅ Reduces rebound from striking surface
  • ✅ Soft striking face
  • ✅ Polyurethane head
  • ✅ Perfect for sensitive work
  • ✅ Ideal for professional environments

Product Details

Company Apex Tool Group
Part Number ST92901SC
Dimensions 11 x 3.5 x 1.25 inches
Part Number ST92901SC
Weight 15.2 ounces
Size 35MM

3. Estwing Dead Blow Hammer - Cushion Grip Handle

Estwing Dead Blow Hammer


Estwing is a quite famous brand for their hand tools, and this dead blow hammer head holds vibration dampening shot to increase power and control. This is a great tool. If you are looking for a hammer to remove the old rotor that has become rusted or frozen, then you should definitely go with this tool.

The quality of plastic skin on this tool is excellent. The beads inside the hammer give it a solid blow when you swing it. You can also use this tool to assemble and disassemble items such as soft metal and wood without marring them.

A mallet works in some instances, but a dead blow hammer allows you to have that extra punch. This single-piece design item has equally distributed weight in all areas. Its price is a bit high when compared to other dead blows of its category.

Key Features

  • ✅ Head holds vibration dampening shot
  • ✅ Extreme durable for tough jobs
  • ✅ Use for automotive work, woodworking, sheet metal forming
  • ✅ Oil and chemical resistant
  • ✅ Comfortable, durable vinyl grip

Product Details

Company Estwing
Dimensions 15 x 5 x 3 inches
Part Number CCD45
Weight 0.32 ounces
Size 45 oz (Ounces)
Batteries Required No

4. Titan 63144 4-Piece Dead Blow Hammer Set

Titan 63144 4-Piece Dead Blow Hammer Set


This Titan 63144 dead blow hammer is a complete set of four pieces with different sizes. This four-piece set contains one 8 oz, one 16 oz, one 24 oz, and one 32 oz hammer. The color looks very nice and provides a classy look to these dead blow hammers.

The build quality is also a plus point of this item. There are some advantages of buying a set instead of a single piece as there are many household and garage work in which you don't know which size should be better for that particular job.

I will recommend this set if you need different sizes of hammers, not because it has four pieces at a very low price. For a set of four dead blows, I think the price is excellent. The handling quality is good but not as comfortable as the company advertises.

Key Features

  • ✅ Comfortable, textured handles
  • ✅ Superior grip
  • ✅ (1) 8 oz. dead blow hammer
  • ✅ (1) 16 oz. dead blow hammer
  • ✅ (1) 24 oz. dead blow hammer
  • ✅ (1) 32 oz. dead blow hammer

Product Details

Company Shop Iron
Dimensions 13.39 x 5.31 x 5.31 inches
Model No. 63144
Weight 7.69 pounds
Batteries Required No

5. Nupla SF-3SG Standard Power Drive Dead Blow Hammer

Nupla SF-3SG Standard Power Drive Dead Blow Hammer, SG Grip, 14.5


This dead blow hammer from the brand Nupla has everything that would impress a DIYer or any other worker. It has a unique design among all five dead blow hammers. It has a great unique handle, as you can see on the image above, which is perfect for making every finger's grip on it.

It will not slip even with oily hands. It is a well-balanced item. The only downside of this tool is that the unprotected handle portion. Fibreglass can chip if you're not careful. If you are looking to buy a hammer for demolition purposes, this is the tool you should go for.

The price of this hammer is a bit high, that's why it is on the bottom of our list. But If you want to invest one time, I would suggest you invest in his long-lasting item.

Key Features

  • ✅ 5.50" Head length
  • ✅ Can be used with gloves
  • ✅ Reduces fatigue
  • ✅ Safest grip in the industry

Product Details

Company Nupla
Dimensions 14.5 x 5.5 x 2.5
Model Number 10035
Weight 2.6 pounds
Batteries Required No

What is a dead blow hammer?

A dead blow hammer is a kind of ram that is made of rubber or sometimes wood, which helps minimize damage to the struck surface and in controlling striking force, with the minimal rebound from the striking surface.

The minimal bounce helps avoid accidental damage to precision work, especially in tight locations and applications such as maintenance work on hydraulic cylinders.

A dead blow hammer is very good for striking as it don't damage the working surface when you strike it. If we strike something with other hammer like a ball-peen hammer most likely we're going to dent it.

dead blow hammer

What are dead blow hammer uses ?

The dead blow hammers are used mainly for the framework, ejecting stuck elements, and generally used for cap installation and replacement.

❖ They will be wont to embark little dents once doing automobile body repair.

❖ They permit controlled use of impact force once playacting engine or transmission repair.

❖ In the maintenance of hydraulic machinery and part work, dead blow hammers help sell stuck cylinders while not damaging their precision-formed surfaces or near bearings.

❖ Dead blow hammers are employed in carpentry to knock joints along or apart while not denting the wood items worked.

❖ In metalwork, we will use a dead blow hammer for seating the piece of work fronting parallels in an exceeding machine bench vise properly.

❖ We can use these hammers in orthopedic surgical procedures conjointly. The tools are employed in telecommunications to make large-diameter cables among cable runs.

Advantages of a dead blow hammer

The advantage of a dead blow hammer is that it isn't just a sharp strike. It's more of a hard kind of pushing force where you're pushing it with power over a higher duration of time rather than a hammer. This tool is a combination of a hammering force and a pushing force, and Of course, they have various sizes.