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7 Best Commercial Gas Hedge Trimmer In 2023 - Top Picks & Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Commercial Gas Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmers are one of the primary machines that you'll need if you want to maintain those growing bushes or shrubs in the garden. It is essential to choose the best hedge trimmer that can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Gas hedge trimmers are the most powerful cutting tools in the category of hedge trimmers that you can use for commercial as well as home purposes. Nowadays gas hedge trimmers make it easy to keep the yard groomed like the pros. We've collected our selections for the 7 best commercial gas hedge trimmers available today to help you choose the best one for you.

It is always challenging to find the best tool worth your hard-earned money until you have a guide like to point you in the direction of the brand you can trust. So let's dive into it and see what we have got for you in our best commercial gas hedge trimmers list.

1. Poulan Pro Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer, PR2322


At the top of our list, we have Poulan Pro PR2322 22-Inch gas-powered two-cycle hedge trimmer. This hedge trimmer is sturdy and easy to use. With it's easy to start two-cycle engine it features outputs of 0.9 horsepower for cutting. It can cut through hedges like butter and is made for powerfully efficient performance.

It's perfect for trimming all sorts of shrubs and hedges around your yard which are starting to look more like that overgrown jungle. It's excellent for cutting through even the toughest limbs up to one inch in diameter. This hedge trimmer features a 22 inch long durable stainless steel dual-sided serrated blade that is rust-resistant for long-lasting life.

It offers a large cutting capacity and can cut up to 20-inch swaths through bushes or neatly trim them. It's powerful but easy to use since it's equipped with a 23 CC full crank two-cycle engine. It provides a full kick of power to get the job done in a matter of minutes.

Despite being tough, it only weighs just over 11 pounds and comes with an advanced anti-vibration technology feature that absorbs shock and reduces the user's strain or fatigue. They can take an overgrown mess and turn it into a beautiful park-like setting in no time.

It has a rotating ergonomic handle that gives a comfortable grip for maximum controlled cutting at any angle or orientation. It can rotate into a more comfortable position when you move the trimmer up and down with the hedges.

Weight - 11.1 pounds
Options of color - Yellow & Black combination


  • Very easy to start
  • Has rotating read handle for cutting at any angle
  • Stainless steel dual-sided blades.
  • Comes with anti-vibration dampeners for comfortable cutting
  • Best value for money product


  • Pull cord quality could have been improved
  • Bad customer support

2. Husqvarna Gas Hedge Trimmer, 122HD45


Next, we have the Husqvarna 122HD45 18 inches 22 CC - 2 cycle gas-powered dual hedge clipper saw trimmer. This one is low noise and a lightweight trimmer with easy-to-use functions. It has a smart start feature that starts the machine quickly with minimal effort. Air purge removes air from the carburetor and fuel system to help you with that easy starting.

It features an 18-inch long blade that slices through branches twigs and shrubs up to 0.8 inches in diameter. It has a dual blade hedge trimmer that's good when it comes to trimming up your hedges in either direction allowing you to work more efficiently.

The lowVib feature on this trimmer promises an effective anti-vibration dampener to absorb vibration for more comfortable use. It reduces the stress of the users' arms and hands. It weighs 10.36, so anyone else can use it, and it's easy to manoeuvre.

Plus it's a low-level engine noise designed to reduce noise pollution. Trimming has been made much more comfortable with its cutting speed of 4050 cuts per minute, which helps you cut precisely with each pass and get the job done quickly it also comes with an auto-return stop switch.

It automatically resets to the on position for easier starting. It holds a little over ten ounces for fuel and has a gas power 21.7 CC two-cycle engine that delivers you the power you need to get the job done fast.

Weight - 10.36 pounds
Options of color - Grey & orange combination


  • LowVib anti-vibration provides comfort while using
  • Low noise engine reduces noise pollution
  • Dual-action blade cuts in both directions help you save time
  • Starts quickly with minimum effort
  • Has the cutting speed of 4050 cuts per minute


  • A little bit higher in price
  • Requires regular maintenance

3. HUYOSEN Gas Dual Sided Powered Hedge Trimmer


Next product in our best commercial gas hedge trimmer list is the HUYOSEN 25CC 23-Inch 2-Cycle Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers. This one is easy and convenient to operate. It has a lightweight design and promises great professional features for dependability. This gas hedge trimmer has dual-action blades that can cut swaths up to 23 inches wide and limbs up to an inch in diameter.

It's powerful enough for anything you might encounter while being user friendly, and it's excellent for use on all types of shrubs and hedges. It's also designed with an efficient low noise engine to avoid disturbing you or your neighbours.

The easy-start feature is perfect for beginners who may not be as strong as they used to be. It has a stop switch that automatically returns it to the start position when you turn off the machine. This trimmer is equipped with a powerful, easy-to-start feature and a two-cycle engine for maximum cutting performance.

It's 25 CC commercial grade 2 cycle engine for reliability and durability is one of the most powerful engines out there. It's very comfortable to use, especially when using it overhead. You don't need to worry about having fatigue when your work is done.

Weight - 12 pounds
Options of color - Red, white & black combination


  • Shock absorbing design
  • Has high-quality steel blade for clean cutting
  • Allows trimming in three different angles
  • Ergonomic Non-slip Handle
  • Safety throttle lock design


  • You'll need to use it very carefully
  • Slightly heavier compared to other trimmers of its category

4. EASYG 23.6cc Gas Hedge Trimmer


The brand EASYG has tried to give their best in hedge trimmers category in the form of this 23.6 CC Gas-powered Hedge trimmer. This tool contains almost feature in this price segment that comes in the expensive and high rated hedge trimmers. For cutting at different angles, this tool's handle can rotate up to 180 degrees.

By its handle lock, you can lock it at any angle you want, and it will not rotate any more giving you an easy and comfortable cutting experience. Its smart start feature helps you start this tool quickly in few seconds without any hassle saving your time and gives you a great experience while using it to cut any type of bushes and even thick hedges.

Many people do not like gas trimmers because they make a lot of noise, but this trimmer is very quiet and does not make a lot of noise like most other trimmers do, so you don't have to worry about disturbing others.

This complete kit includes one pair of safety gloves, two blade covers to protect the double-sided blade when not in use, some hand tools for maintenance and of course a heavy duty hedge trimmer.

Where other brand provides at least three years of warranty, this tool comes with only one year of EASYG warranty which I think is not enough for a gas-powered hedge trimmer.

Weight - 12.6 pounds
Options of color - Red & Black combination


  • Large capacity fuel tank
  • Has 24 inches long cutting blade
  • Start very quick that saves you time and effort.
  • Very quiet tool
  • Equipped with shock absorbers inside
  • Easy to maintain


  • Back up with only one year warranty
  • Low-quality blade
  • Heavier than most other trimmers

5. Husqvarna Gas Dual Action Hedge Trimmer, 122HD60


Husqvarna is a reputed brand and well known for manufacturing excellent power tools. The only problem of Husqvarna tools is that its products are expensive compared to other power tool manufacturers, but they never negotiate with the quality of their product like most brands do when offering a product in a cheap price segment.

And this 21.7cc dual action gas hedge trimmer is another example of a quality product from Husqvarna. Like other Husqvarna gas hedge trimmer, this tool is also very lightweight and weighs only about 10.8 pounds, allowing you to work for longer duration without feeling fatigued in hands.

It has almost 24 inches long and highly durable cutting bar which helps you cut any type of bush and can cover a large area by standing at one place. Like its previous model, it also has a cutting speed of 4,050 cuts per minute, which helps you doing accurate and clean cutting even for a large garden and saves your time. It comes with an easy adjustable rear handle to facilitate cutting the sides and top of hedges without any problem.

I must say that this tool is a little bit expensive than any other gas-powered hedge trimmer, but it has every single feature that a heavy-duty gas trimmer must have which justifies its cost.

Weight - 10.8 pounds
Options of color - Grey & orange combination


  • Long cutting bar extended reach
  • Perfect for heavy-duty purposes
  • Auto return stop switch
  • Comes with anti-vibration dampeners which reduces stress on user's hands
  • Easily adjustable read handle for comfortable cutting


  • Expensive
  • Sometimes the cord doesn't get pulled easily

6. Echo Gas 2-Stroke Cycle Hedge Trimmer


At number six we have the echo 20-inch 21.2 CC two-stroke cycle gas hedge trimmer. This lightweight hedge trimmer with a 20-inch blade offers superior cutting performance with twice as many cutting edges as its competition. The 20-inch double-sided double reciprocating blades will definitely give you the best cut quality.

It also features a 21-point 2 CC professional-grade two-stroke gas engine which is quite powerful. It uses a ratio of fifty to one of fuel to oil mix for two-stroke cycle engines. It's recommended that using only fresh gas with a minimum octane rating of 89 or higher at all times.

It also holds 13.2 ounces in the fuel tank. You'll be able to see when it needs to be refilled and that it has ample size to let you know you can work in a large area for quite some time. Aside from a large rear handle it also has an ergonomic front handle with a safety guard that gives comfort and excellent control.

Plus it's incredibly light, and it only weighs 10 pounds for extra convenience and easy manoeuvrability. When cutting near the ground or walls, the tip guard reduces blade wear while the rigid support bar allows straighter and more precise cuts.

Maintenance is even easier with a zero tight grease fitting and the tool-less air filter cover. It comes with commercial-grade felt air filter that improves the filtration.

Weight - 10 pounds
Options of color - Orange


  • Comes with 5-year consumer and 2-year commercial warranty
  • Extremely lightweight in gas trimmer category
  • Very comfortable to be used for a longer time
  • 20" double-sided double-reciprocating RazorEdge blade
  • Excellent tool for heavy-duty work


  • Slightly higher in price

7. SENIX 26.5cc 4 Stroke Gasoline Hedge Trimmer, HT4QL-L


Last but not least is the Senix 26.5 CC gas 4 cycle hedge trimmer with a 22-inch bar. It's a 4 cycle engine for the best durable performance and does not require the mixing of gas and oil. The 26.5 CC full crank engine is excellent for low vibration to reduce stress or disrupt your concentration and you won't feel like the trimmer is shaking your hands while you work.

This hedge trimmer is known for being powerful when it comes to trimming shaping and sculpting trees shrubs and hedges. It gives you the consistent job you need to be done for your yard.

The 22-inch laser-cut dual-action blade can trim much quicker than a single-sided blade and is also more accurate in its cuts. And a longer blade means a quicker job you can spend less time outside your hedges and more time relaxing.

The swivelling rear handle will allow you to cut in a variety of directions and also gives you better steering and control of your trimmer while working. It is a 9.46 fuel tank capacity and weighs only eleven pounds so you won't tire out while holding it. It allows you excellent control over your trimmer.

Weight - 13 pounds
Options of color - Blue


  • Comes under a very affordable price segment
  • 22 inches long dual-action cutting blades
  • Has Swiveling rear handle for precise cutting in all directions
  • Also, include a good quality blade cover
  • Don't require gas and oil mixing


  • Has low quality pull cord
  • Trimmer has heating issues.

Other Types Of Hedge Trimmers

The other types of hedge trimmer used worldwide are electrical, and manual hedge trimmers also called hand shears. Both these types are used for light usage like for small gardens or where you need to do trimming on a small scale. All the hedge trimmers have their advantages and disadvantages. Manual hedge trimmers are the cheapest tools used for yard grooming but, are much time taking and effort-taking.

Most gardeners love to use a manual hedge trimmer even after knowing the fact that they can't give finish like they can get with a power tool instead they really enjoy using it as doesn't look like sculpted.

Electrical hedge trimmer is mostly used for small to mid-size lawns or gardens. They are environment friendly and produce less noise than any gas hedge trimmer. These are the most lightweight tools which give you great comfort and recommended for beginners. These also have two types: Corded and Cordless.

The corded ones are the most powerful bush cutting tools of course after gas trimmers, but because they use electrical cord, their range is limited, and there is always a hassle to keep the cable out of the way.

At last, we have cordless hedge trimmers. These tools use powerful rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and allow you to work for about 40 to 60 minutes in a single charge which is enough time for any light-duty work. And Because they don't need any electrical cord, that's why you can use it at any corner of your garden.

Tips For Using a Hedge Trimmer

  • Gas header trimmers are very powerful and noisy tools; that's why it is always recommended to use proper safety goggles, hearing gears and protective clothes, and safely use them.
  • Don't forget to read the user manual that comes with your tool and read it twice if you don't understand anything. It will help you to understand your tool better.
  • If you're going to get up on a ladder, never overreach and make sure you have someone to help you to secure the ladder so that you're doing this safely.
  • When you start the trimming make sure that you do a little bit at a time and then step away from it so that you can really kind of take a look at the shape you're going for.


These are some best commercial gas hedge trimmers we have included in our list after comparing dozens of gas trimmers. And now it depends on your need and money you can pay.
Before buying any tool doing proper research about that tool is always beneficial. We have tried to cover everything that you should look while buying any hedge trimmer in this buying guide.

I hope this article has helped you in making your final decision.